Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What did whitey ever do for me? Good memes & good genes.

Different parrot breeds have different personalities.

Different dog breeds have different personalities - all are the same species.

Where did Western Enlightenment values come from? Freedom of speech, doubt, skepticism, reason, logic, Greek philosophers, Christianity, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, men on the moon, modern science & medicine, your iphone.

Did the above come about because of good memes, or good genes?

People like Steven Pinker and Jordan Peterson would probably push for the "good memes" route.

People like Ricardo Duchesne (search youtube for recent vids) and Stefan Molyneux (ditto) aren't afraid to give credence to the "good genes" route.

What can we blame whitey for?

1. An end to Universal Slavery, thanks to the UK Parliament, and to the good Englishmen who founded America. Also thanks to 365,000 pink skins (AKA "whites") who died to the American Civil War.

2. The rule of law.

3. Regulating the power of a monarch by an elected representatives.

4. A separation of church and state.

5. Innovation and creativity unmatched by other groups on this planet.

So, was it good memes, or good genes to blame for the above? A complication was that there's a synergy between genes and memes.

Every human flavor has their strong traits. Their advantages, which are frankly probably evolved, and evolved for darn good reasons.

As for whites, it's incredibly racist and utterly unfair to hoist the problems of the world onto white children who are born innocent.

If all races get to be proud of their contributions except for whites, well that really is retrograde and racist.

I married an East Asian and so I have no problem with so-called "race mixing" per se of course. But I also have no problem with people having some degree of in group preference. Freedom of association means the freedom to not associate. That's fine.

Don't treat pink skins like we're vending machines who cough up money when other races try & guilt trip us for past sins.

Amerindians, had slaves, and did pretty much all human groups from the beginning of time.

Aboriginal Australians, had slaves,

Islamic people, promoted slavery.

Yes in the past whitey did things all other human groups did. But is the greatest contribution to the human family, from pink skins, the key concept that we need to doubt what our leaders tell us? Doubt is the foundation of reason, and of science, and of true progress. To separate facts from fiction, we must doubt.

The poodle which are the pink skinned whites of the human family. Good genes which allowed for doubt, or just good memes? Perhaps a combination. And if Steven Pinker & other public intellectuals are made uncomfortable by the truth of origins of the Western Enlightenment, so be it.

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