Friday, September 21, 2012

"The left" and Islamic fundamentalism

Speaking as a left-leaning anti-authoritarian myself:

What is up with the left wing in America? 

I think the Iraq war made them very upset, very upset indeed. So much so that they are now engaging in several logical fallacies and conflationary actions themselves - primarily in response to their own hatred for the right, their hatred for people like George W. Bush and so on.

But, one thing the left wing lacks is experience with what it's like to live in a real religion. They have no idea what it's like. Their primarily experience with religion is light and fluffy. So, they have no concept of what it's like to be a woman or a man living in a sexually repressed culture - in other words what it's like to live in an Islamic country.

Remember George Galloway?
Here's a debate between him & Hitchens:

Galloway is a buddy of Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now(?):

Remember Iran, where they kill people for all sorts of otherwise trivial reasons?

Do you know Galloway works for Iran's Press TV?

What's up with the connection between the "left" and Islamic fundamentalism? Galloway's own actions by working for Press TV shows they are now the same thing.

I don't want to be a tool of the left or the right. Not of Israel nor of Palestine.

Dictators should be opposed  & defeated. All of them, everywhere.

Freedom of speech should resign supreme, as should the right to offend cultish religions & their brain washed followers.

People who live in cultural prisons should be freed.

Offensive speech should never be banned. Rather, it should simply be responded to with other speech.

Just because the right to say certain things in certain countries has been and is being abridged, that doesn't make it right. Living together as a community doesn't mean forced silence. That's no solution for anything. It just causes feelings to be suppressed - to simmer until they boil over. Let everyone speak. Let there be a crucible. That's what true democracy is all about. That's what science is about. And only then can everyone truly figure out what is right & what is wrong, and separate fact from fiction.

Do we have "democracy now?" Can we have "democracy now?"  We could well ask Amy Goodman and her buddy George Galloway. But can we have true democracy within Islamic sharia, where even the supposed moderates cry for censorship of cartoons and films? No.

Sadly, and unfortunately, the ultra left now IS the same thing as Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic sharia. This happened due to anger, ignorance, and stupidity. What's the solution? Freedom of speech & education. Left originated censorship and self hatred is just as unappealing as right originated censorship and self hatred.


Oh, and p.s., a reading of the posts on the following page indicates that Pakistan is a prison. And so is Iran.

Before September 11, 2001 I never thought much about the Muslim world. But the prison they live in made them so upset, some of their representatives lashed out in anger & violence on that day. Bush may have overreacted with Iraq, but not with Afghanistan. Anyway...

Films, Cartoons, and Mohamed: Islam is a cult - just older and larger

A film comes out. Then some cartoons. Vociferous people demand censorship. Other people don't want "oil thrown on a fire."

Listen to recent BBC programs on the issue.

Read the comments on Charlie Hebdo's blog.

Let the comments from everyone wash over you. I did, and here's what I've come to conclude:

Islam is a wacky abusive cult, just like any other cult. What's the difference between Islam, Mormonism, and Scientology? Time, and the level of violence advocated by and allowed for by the core doctrines. Even regular Christianity, in it's many flavors, has cultish aspects depending on which church or denomination we're talking about. 

Listen to what Islamic believers say about Mohamed. They love him more than they love life, more than their family, and so on.

Any criticism against Mohamed is taken so personally that the believers advocate censorship at the very least, and violence more commonly. With the recent debate over the film Innocence of Muslims, and the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, I constantly heard talk of "red lines." "You've crossed my red line" this, and "don't cross my red line" that. 

When you cross a person's so-called "red line" what happens? What'ja gonna do? Complain? Sue me? Hit me? Kill me? Talk of "red lines" are threats. And threats for what? Regarding complaining about whom? A 6th century war mongering pedophile?

Have you ever heard of the wives of Joseph Smith? How about Brigham Young?

Why do cult leaders get to have so many wives? Charismatic charlatans really enjoy sex - with other men's wives, and with underage girls. 15, 14, 9? WTF! God gave you a message to do what? FOAD - that is the appropriate response to such people. But, you can always tell cult leaders by their actions.

They say: God gave me a message.

Reply: A message to do what?

They say: To fuck your wife and your daughter.

Reply: What if I say no?

They say: God will send you to hell... and, maybe I'll have my friends lean on you, or kill you.

They say: I am God's messenger. To deny my words is to deny the word of God.

Joseph fucking Smith, Brigham fucking Young, David fucking Koresh, L. Ron fucking Hubbard. And fucking Mohamed, peace be upon him - all the same deranged controlling fucks who want to use lies, violence, and damaging virulent meme sets to control others. 

So yes, the only differences between Mormonism and Islam are this: Time, and the level of violence allowed by core doctrines.

I am an ex-Mormon. Thank god I wasn't a Muslim. But if I were, I hope that I'd have the balls to stand up to the cult members & their leaders.

People who have had no experience with real religion have no fucking idea what they're talking about when they use such phrases as "don't provoke," or "oil on flames," and so on.

It's our duty to provoke, to cajole, to help people oppressed by mind controlling cults fucking O-U-T of their religions. And to help force their religions to be more civilized. Christians were forced to have a sense of humor, by two world wars, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment. Islam never had either on a permanent basis. Like it or not, we're helping them have theirs now. B grade film makers are helping, as are naughty, brash, and brave French satirical magazines.

In a civil society, cartoons & films are N-O-T banned, even if they offend your cult-originated deranged sensibilities about "your prophet." And in civil societies, you don't get to censor or threaten with violence me or anyone over a cartoon or film.

Many people in Islamic countries are unhappy because they are in Islamic countries being oppressed. Their hatred and anger is derived from their status. So, when the "oil" of films or cartoons are poured upon their hatred, they become angy - becuase they are currently in a prison.

BUT, the one thing secular people who want to censor films & cartoons & art critical of Islam don't realize is that art & speech critical of Islam will help to free these people. The volume needs to be turned up as loudly as possible, not turned down.

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--------------------- 1

Oh, no! More cartoons are coming! More drawings on paper! Run. Hide. Or, if you're an Islamist, go on a murderous rampage.

The volume should be turned up. We have, with the protests, the personification of a spoiled brat child. What if, by comparison, Rome threatened the Monty Python troupe with death for their film Life of Brian? What would be the "appropriate response" from that group & related artists? MORE OF THE SAME, and higher quality parodies as well. In the instance of the film we have a poor quality parody. We need higher quality parodies. Maybe that's REALLY why the Muslims are upset. A B movie is a B movie. We all want higher quality production values in our art.

Sam Harris on the issue:

BBC World Have Your Say programs on the cartoons:

[the above links will only be available for a few days, but here's an archive for you]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

A parody of my own about Joseph Smith & his church. Should I be killed for this by Mormons? Should my parody be banned? Damn, I'm glad I wasn't a f-in Muslim, but if I had been I hope I'd have enough balls to stand up to people still being repressed by the cult & their leaders. 

--------------------- 2

Crazy repressed nuts kill a guy over a B film...
Part of the film:

The killers of the U.S. ambassador to Libya have by their actions moved this otherwise low grade laughable B movie into a very important status, and in my view it goes to show that more higher quality and more accurate films (and campy and crapily made films) need to be made.

We need a Monty Python style Life of Brian type film about Mohammed. Christians, through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and two world wars, have been forced to have a sense of humor about their religion. Muslims need to have a sense of humor about their religion as well.

--------------------- ps

The film Sumission Part 1, that Theo Van Gogh was killed over and why Ayaan Hirsi Ali has to live with constant security. Sam Harris has to have security guards travel with him. The Charlie Hebdo artists have to have this also. Having to live your life with security guards always around does tend to sharpen your mind about things, and your views about what really is important to say - and about the value of free speech, calling a spade a spade, honesty, and stating when the emperor has no clothes.

--------------------- ps2

Also, regarding certain libertarian ultra right wing nutjobs who claim that Palestine doesn't exist, I don't support them either, nor do I wish to be drawn into blind support for whatever Israel wants to do. People do have a right to live on their own land and to be left alone. But people also have a right not to be suicide bombed. So there's trouble on both sides there. But one key bottom line is that freedom of speech must not be abridged. 

The "moderate" Muslims want censorship. They want their sharia also. That's not moderate though. We need freedom of speech. For the critics, for the cartoonists, for the sane people, and for the nutjobs. Everyone. Censorship is not an option. That's our red line.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

KKK type people now in the Republican Camp

In response to a darker skinned news camerawoman human having nuts thrown at her at the recent Repiglican convention.

In the past the KKK hung out at the Democratic Party conventions. Now their in-spirit-if-not-in-fact supporters go to the Republican ones. This is what has happened when the American southern Democrats largely switched from the Democratic party to the Republican party.

Also for the Repigs, holding their convention in Tampa probably did allow for more southern-style racists to show up.

Everyone's a bit racist, and we are all animals, but we're also all human.