Friday, July 29, 2016

Trump & Brexit: The Leftist Armageddon

The left's version of Armageddon: Voting for Brexit or Trump.

Regarding the following article:

The article appears to consider Brexit and Trump to be a sort of leftist Armageddon.

I 100% agree with Pat Condell regarding the value and necessity of a Brexit:

And I 100% agree with Milo Yiannopoulos regarding the high utilitarian value of Trump.

The ultra-leftist conspiratorialism present in the article reminds me of the ultra-rightist conspiratorialism I encountered while I was in Alaska. Tin pot hat leftistism.

Here's responses to a few key sections of the article:

"The liberal intellectuals are always in the minority."


Liberals such as they are control most of the media. NY Times. NPR. MSNBC. BBC. CBC. PRI. CNN. Washington Post. LA Times. USA Today. Cable comedy news programs. Nighttime comedy interview shows. Twitter. Facebook. Google.

Liberals such as they are control most of the Academy. Most college campuses are iron fistedly controlled by leftists, and now most pander to the social justice warrior (SJW) left.

"The people who see that open societies"

Open societies like Europe, where we now have rape gangs & mass rapes, women and children at risk via rape & attack, cartoonists murdered & under threat, Orwellian speech & thought control codes (ie: "hate speech" laws), a Voldemort affect regarding Islam (active denial that Islam is a problem or THE problem, again and again, murder after murder by Islamic people).

"being nice to other people"

It's not nice to let people simmer in their human spirit destroying cults. They get upset when we do. 9/11 is one such example. Misdirected anger. Iraq & Afghanistan were perfectly reasonable responses to 9/11.

Leftists seem to have a high appreciation for the value of brutal & bloody dictators. And come to find out Sadam did have WMDs after all:

And remember what Hitch said about Iraq:
...before the 2010 revelation from wikileaks.

Hitch was right, and he was right even before WMD material was found in Iraq.

"not being racist"

Leftists are the most racist people I know nowadays. Everything is about race, even religion is now a race. Islam is a race according to them. And everything is about fervently and frantically maintaining a hierarchy of social justice 'rights' and shaming.

Islam is at the top.

Amerindians, perhaps next.

Blacks, next - so long as they tow the liberal party line & don't go off the Democrat plantation.

Gays, next - but only leftist gays.

Gender dysphoric people (AKA 'transgender'), next.

Mexicans, next, but only leftist Mexicans who want to erase the borders & come to the U.S. illegally.

Women, next, but only leftist women and preferably women who're 'childfree.' If you're a stay at home 'breeder,' that's bad. (An abusive stance by the way)

Asian men, next - because they're 'too successful.'

Pink skinned men (aka 'whites'), bottom of the pile.

Any cultural values derived from 'whites' are on the bottom of the SJW pile of rights-hierarchy. The right to exist. The right to be promoted. The bottom-pile items have mostly zero rights.

Meme sets aren't races. And race is a racist concept to begin with.

"not fighting wars"

Wars like WWII? Wars like those which took place in Afghanistan & Iraq (Afghanistan especially)? The war which needs to happen with the newest 'Islamic State?' And yes, a culture war between the Western Enlightenment culture and Islam - a war of ideas, and if needs be of force so as to protect the Enlightenment values of freedom of speech & freedom to be a Western-type person in a Western country unthreatened by abusive crazy murderous Islamic Puritans?

Sitting on our hands doesn't work. Doing this allowed Islamic State to be born.

Obama told the UN that his preferred future belongs to those who never talk smack about the prophet of Islam. This was perhaps the biggest betrayal ever of The Enlightenment by a sitting U.S. President. The United States was founded on Enlightenment principles. And to state that a given religion cannot be criticized, that's a betrayal.

Obama & Wife of Bill helped birth Islamic State.

Saying it so doesn't make it so. Saying that Islam is a religion of peace doesn't make it a religion of peace. As per historical Islam and current Islam, the leaders, the documents, everything, Islam is a religion of war. It's a religion of conquest. It's a religion of murder and of rape and of pedophilia. Oh, and it's also a religion of genital rape of both females and males (even in 'moderate' Muslim countries, there's a very high dual-gender genital mutilation rate).

"is a better way to live"

So allowing psychopathic dictators to rule everything is a better way to live?

Lying about the abusive nature of some cultures is a better way to live?

Squandering the values and principles of The Enlightenment is a better way to live - values with led to the greatest & most free country humanity has ever known (America)?

No Enlightenment, no major scientific advances, no moon visit, no medical advances, no advancing of art & literature, no healthy entrepreneurism. Oh, and also no abolishment of slavery (in The West anyway - slavery still goes on in Islamic places though), nor giving women the vote, and on and on.

We only end up 'loosing fights' when we cut and run.

Islamic State is the latest example.

The ultra leftist hippie fear mongering isn't swaying me.

Trump is a breath of fresh air. Inasmuch as the traditionalist old fart right hates him, and the SJW left hates him, he's of very high value indeed.

And Brexit was accomplished by people who are tired of having their culture destroyed via unhinged immigration. By people who want to take control of their own 'tribe' and their own 'homeland.'