Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July! Human are humans, in a tipi or out.

On the 4th of July liberals are upset about America even existing at all.

Should the borders be fully opened?

Mexican drug gangs that kill en masse would move right in, more than they already are in Mexico.

As for the "indigenous" "native" oh so noble savages:

Using heads in football:


Human are humans, in a tipi or out.

Humans will migrate & expand. But once a certain saturation point on the land has been reached, they'll erect borders so as to protect what's already been set up.

Does this mean I believe there should be no immigration from the south? No. But not everything is equal. And there was actually some value to the landing of Columbus, even if it also had a terribly high cost.

The movement of humans across the land & sea, due to increasing technology, was inevitable.

If the so-called natives had had guns & so on, they could have fended off the conquistadors.

Why weren't pre-Columbian American cultures as technologically advanced as Europe? Probably: resources & agriculture available in Europe.

Any person who's born in a place is a native.

Everyone is racist, especially people who claim they aren't.

But travel and first hand exposure to other cultures, does widen the mind, and it also widens our in group morality.

Whitees today are not responsible for the sins of other humans who happened to be white. To claim as much is not only intellectually dishonest, it's racist. On the other hand I'm very much for reparations for slavery, and for the genocide committed against the American Indians. That's fine. Doesn't mean "whitey" is responsible. But the sins of past humans, which have placed certain other groups of humans in a hole - those sins need to be made up for, by the society as a whole, by working to repair the damage.

On the other hand if you make a person or group too dependent, that can also be abusive. So a one-time-very-large reparation should probably be done both for blacks & Indians in America. Maybe giving more valuable city & farm land to Blacks & Indians, instead of just way-out-in-the-fucking-boonies away-from-everything dry desolate unfarmable land. And the Indian Health Service is a very good thing.

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Additional thoughts in a related post:

Noble Savages? Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, Wikileaks, Bolivia, Amerindians (American Indians), and so on.

commentary on: 300 Articles You Have to Read to Understand What Is Meant by the Term "Homofascism"

Commentary on the following article:

300 Articles You Have to Read to Understand What Is Meant by the Term "Homofascism"

The first article about the 14 year old is a prime example of why I now disable comments on most of my youtube videos. I've left commenting enabled on my blog. But a certain percentage of all people are sociopaths & so on.

My own personal experience of expressing some much needed rebellion and skepticism within an atheist group:

The rather ironic thing about the group in question is this:

When a previous leader of a leftist atheist group he took over has a kid with an excommunicated-from-another atheist group pro-life atheist woman.

A of U unilaterally absorbed into themselves a long standing group formerly known as Salt Lake Valley Atheists. During an SLVA meeting about four years ago a rare pro-life atheist woman was told she wasn't welcome because SLVA had determined that ultra-liberal politics & social policy advocacy was a key thing they were about. Atheists of Utah was headed up by an older guy whose wife was dying. He hooked up with this pro-life atheists whom SLVA kicked out & had a kid with her. He also did outreach work to the gay pride festival here. The legacy of his outreach work was this: Only a few years later Atheists of Utah had a.) unilaterally dissolved & absorbed SLVA, and b.) become headed up by mostly people from the local Stonewall center, and c.) determined that they would incorporate into their whole being the ultra-liberal social & political stance of SLVA whom they had absorbed into themselves.

Why is this ironic? Because the guy who headed up A of U only a few years before had a kid with a pro-life atheist woman whom herself had been previously rejected by SLVA.

Seculars do need to have more kids. The ready acceptance of gay "marriage" is a symptom of a much larger problem with the left as a whole.

Slow motion suicide.

Many former LDS move to the LDC.

...and end up having zero kids of their own.

Here's a prime example of this in leftist atheist culture:

A-hole (IMO) P.Z. Myers:

Oh my god listening to this man makes me sick. I can only take about 4 minutes of the guy and then I feel like I'm going to throw up. He of course directly discounts the fact that his 13.8 billion year evolved body managed to produce children. His views & protrayal of this KEY part of human existence is sickening and sick.

More examples of scummyness of the man:

PZ Myers isn't a feminist

PZ Myers accuses Shermer of rape

13.8 billion years, and then there's this guy. A shallow and petty view of evolution by natural selection, from a biologist. A biologist who's been fully brain washed by LDC dogma.

Remember when the four horsemen came out with their various books? Dawkins. Hitchens. Harris. Dennett. Those were the days. But when atheists form social groups they almost invariably integrate their dogmatic political views as key agenda points in their groups. Shermer may have his head in the sand about gay "marriage," but he does have a point about confirmation bias:

The ready application of the use of the word "marriage" to gay civil unions really is about denying basic human nature. Active denial, and being a traitor to, the 13.8 billion year process that brought you and I here today. A person can either tie directly into that whole process, by reproducing themselves, or if not they can sometimes (and often in leftist-circles) buy into a whole culture that is in active rebellion against that 13.8 billion year process.

Is sexual reproduction trivial?

Do children need a mommy & a daddy?

Is everything equal?

No. Yes. No.

Gayness is a side effect of how sex gets set up in humans. A side effect. Not a primary effect. The primary effect results in reproduction. Children come from reproduction.

Any oh so natural vegan, and Whole Foods shopper, should recognize the high value in raising children in a more natural & healthy way. And adopted kids should have an environment which most closely matches the natural & health way.

Federal Appeals Court: Gays Have Right to Marry, And Everyone Has AIDS!

Why is "gay pride" so strong in Salt Lake City? Because of the abusive stances of BOTH the Mormon Church and the Stonewall responders.