Sunday, July 29, 2012

Self-hatred in the "skeptical" community via angry neurotic so-called "feminists"

Here's some additional thoughts of the recent thunerf00t thing and some further digging revealed the following on a conservative wiki site: Dawkins' comments have been removed from PZ Myers' website but I found the above link.

I'm not a big fan of the wiki site referenced above but at least they've got some documentation about what has occurred in the past. I believe I do share the following key value with anti-authoritarian conservatives expressed by the following phrase: "Go F yourself and stop taking yourself so F'ing seriously." While the ideology test at shows that I am a left leaning anti-authoritarian, I do find shared value in this phrase that is basically an appropriate response to liberal authoritarians who want us all to be censored and suppressed apparently just as much as the conservative authoritarians do.
Go F yourself and stop taking yourself so F'ing seriously.
The above phrase really is quite useful. It can help us all improve our lives and the lives of others to a great extent. And frankly, the anti-male anti-normal-human-relations type rhetoric which is criticized on the following website also yields this reaction:

And here is a link to the crazed demented drivil from a woman who's got a number of skeptical undies in a bundle:

But thankfully, in addition to thunderf00t's responses*, here's an appropriate response I found today:

And a very good video from the above site:!

The phrase "don't sexualize me" by Ms. Watson reminds me of the anti-sex anti-normal-human-relations rhetoric from the book Miracle of Forgiveness, a book that draws a direct link between masturbators and murderers. Kimball's Miracle of Forgiveness book was and is used as a virtual bible in Mormonism to teach children to hate their own bodies as they are coming of age.

And similarly, this femist bullshit concept that naked women, or women in general shouldn't be "sexualised?" That sounds like the same abusive anti-human rhetoric I heard as a boy in the Mormon Church. And the response to such a request should be exactly the same as what I should be to the Mormon Church:
Teaching children to hate their own bodies is abusive.

And, so is asking that men & women "de-sexualize" their brains and the natural responses thereof as we open our eyes and look out on the world.
The knee-jerk reactions from some quarters of the "skeptical" community in response to Ms. Watson's pedantic bayings are as follows:

CFI (Center For Inquiry) announces an anti-discrimination policy:

And here's my response to CFI's overreaction:

*Some of thunderf00t's responses:
and more info is at

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Balance model 812 shoes: Blisters after only two days

Regarding the new model 812 New Balance shoes: I purchased the supposedly similar 811 model for many years. New Balance did away with the 811 model and has stated many times that their 812 model is a direct replacement. It is not. After only two 14 hours days of wearing a new pair of 812 model shoes I had blisters on the tops of both of my pinky toes. I stopped wearing the 812 model shoes and went back to an older 811 pair I happened to have. I cannot wear the 812 model shoes and will not wear them in the future. Only two 14 hours days of wear resulted in open blisters on my feet. The 811 model shoes never did this – and I have purchased many pairs of 811 shoes.

I called New Balance to report the open blisters on my feet. In response a supervisor called me back. He expressed tonal and verbal irritation that I had made an injury report in the first place. While it's true that New Balance has offered to replace the current pair of 812 shoes, they were also irritated that I called them to report product related injuries.

Left toe images:

 Right toe:

The 812 is not a replacement for the 811. The claims of New Balance in this regard are unfounded and damaging.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two videos found on feminism - challenging politically correct dogma

Here are two interesting videos I found on feminism:

Cristina Rad on feminism:

Feminism and the disposable male:

Liberal dogma should be thought about and challenged just as much as conservative dogma is. Dogma is the problem. Maybe the truth will eventually overturn hysterical, frantic, and angry political correctness. Let's hope so.

New Balance 812: blisters after only two days

Regarding the following New Balance shoe: 812 - also known as the MW812 and MW812BK

I bought the supposedly similar 811 model for many years. New Balance did away with the 811 model and stated many times that the 812 was a direct replacement. It is not. After only two 14 hours days of wearing a new pair of 812 shoes I had blisters on the tops of both pinky toes. I went back to an older 811 pair I happened to have. Problem solved, for now. I cannot wear the 812 and will not wear it in the future. Avoid the 812. It is N-O-T a direct replacement for the 811. Beware. Rest in peace 811. We asked for your return, but New Balance has ignored all our requests.


An addendum to his article can be found by clicking here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Atheist conferences and sexual harassment rules

On the CFI forum here I just added the following post:

The workplace harassment classes and policies have made people afraid to engage in normal human relations at work. Extending those hysterical over-the-top fear-based policies to conferences is childish and petty in my view.

We could well draw up a huge list of things prohibited at conferences.

Simply use the following phrase template:

If you do XXXXXX to someone at our conference you will be ejected.

Here's some possible things you can plug into XXXXXX:

1. Showing your underpants to other conference participants.
2. Emitting a particularly smelly fart.
3. Doing more serious things which any reasonable police officer could arrest you for.

Some things REALLY DO go without saying. And saying them increases the amount of negativity in the air - at a conference.

The stuffy workplace is one thing. A conference is another. A conference is supposed to be a social gathering, N-O-T work.

I agree with the general French appraisal that American workplace sexual relation rules are insane. And it's also a bit crazy to have to spend one second putting into the face of conference goers this type of thing.

Go to a bar and expect drunk men to hit on you. End of story.

If you're an a-hole at a conference, maybe you'll be ejected.

Just simplify the policy to be "anti-a-hole." But if we phrased the policy like that I can easily think of one particular biologist who'd be banned immediately. And also so would the crazies who think we need to put into everyone's face this type of verbiage and text in the first place.

Speaking generally: Imposing your fears and insecurities onto other people as a matter of policy really is abusive. Not everyone is as uptight or as fearful as you are.

And no this doesn't apologize for behavior which is ACTUALLY illegal. If something illegal happens, call the cops. But conference organizers aren't our parents, nor are they cops.

The above are general comments based on general trends, and what I've been able to gather so far from the fuss.

My related post:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thunderf00t vs P.Z. Myers: I vote for thunderf00t

Remember the old days on the Internet, when we spent most of our time on Usenet and on certain older listserv's (email discussion groups)? And what of trolls? They certainly still exist.

Anyway a few years ago I discovered the blogs of a guy who has been increasing in prominence within the "atheist" community called P.Z. Myers. His blogs are at two locations apparently:
The first one is more longstanding but the second one relates to a more recent spat online.

My long developed evaluation of Myers is that he tends to attempt to use science to justify his ultra-left-wing views. Maybe I share some of those views, but I also think that all of our views should be up for debate. And after reading a lot of Myers' blog posts online over the years and hearing him speak more recently, I've basically come to conclude that the guy is about 30 to 40% interesting and 60 to 70% like an a-hole who acts and talks like he has a big stinky thing up his rear end on a permanent basis.

I know some people like the guy, but to me he's acerbic in a non-useful way. Hitchens was acerbic in useful ways, but Myers often comes off as a petty retard - just my view. Hitchens was acerbic and smart. Myers is acerbic but usually is also often petty and inappropriately hostile. So this was my view before the more recent spat - see below...

Next, I heard about this show called the Magic Sandwich Show, and on that show there's this guy named thunderf00t (AKA Dr. Phil Mason, a chemist) who sometimes was on that show. I took no special interest in the guy other than that he seemed interesting when he spoke.

Next I found the following blog:
via looking on

So what's my reaction to this spat between two somewhat prominent web & video bloggers? I'm not surprised frankly. Dr. Mason (AKA thunerf00t) probably made a mistake to associate with Myers in the first place, because Myers has a long standing tradition of booting off detractors from his own blogs in rather petty ways. This has been going on for years now. So when Dr. Myers' virtual boot hit the virtual bum of Dr. Mason, where's the surprise? There is none. It's par for the course.

I'm all for having a crucible where people can discuss things openly. As long as personal threats are not made, people should be able to debate issues and disagree openly, even vociferously, in public forums - again as long as people can avoid threatening each other or wasting space with spam.

Anyway PZ Myers' actions in this case are par for the course. Thunerf00t AKA Dr. Mason should not have been surprised. He simply got treated the may Myers tends to treat everyone in his little corner of the Net.

There is a certain hysteria in the ivory tower of academics when it comes to hearing views which are critical of the ultra-liberal status quo - speaking and saying this as a liberal myself. Reference the work of Sam Harris & Steven Pinker on this front. Myers is apparently so closely tied to the quick-willingness to pounce on perceived detractors to the hysteria that he's willing to apply the same shallow tactics to people he invites onto his blog as to all the other people he's booted off of his blog over the years now.

So, in this debate I'd tend to stand with thunderf00t (Mason) as well. Mason can start his own blog and he has one. Myers really is part of the "old school" of Internet discussions, where you could routinely get your virtual head cut off for asking an otherwise innocent question. Myers has apparently spent so many years in a virtual sewer (partly of his own making) of Internet discussions that he is apparently unable to act in a non-petty and non-shallow way himself. Spend enough time shoveling crap and eventually you'll start to enjoy the smell. So anyway that's my view on all this. Who was "right" in this recent debate? Thunerf00t, yes. Myers, no. That's my vote.

Here's more videos on the issue:

And related blogs:

No one wants to be abused. But I agree with Mason that when we're too vocal about there being a problem when the problem really is relatively small, then that means we're more hung up than needs be and detracting from other issues. We're also using an inappropriately broad brush and painting & tainting otherwise innocent people who really don't need to be treated like children.

If you don't want to be hit on my drunk men don't go to bars. End of story. No more needs to be said, and in my view atheist conference organizers do not need to treat attendeeds like they're guilty until proven innocent, nor like children.

People shouldn't be censored for speaking their mind, or shut down or shut out for saying what they think and feel.