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Repackaged bullshit: Porn The New Tobacco | Jack Fischer | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

November 2017 addendum:

My views on the matter of porn have evolved some. From Pompeii onward there's many examples showing that humans have enjoyed watching portrayals of human sexuality. The ideal expression of sexuality is within marriage. Before marriage, masturbation should be used, but prudently so that you still have enough sexual energy for dating.

Yes, regular porn is crass and stupid, and even abusive. And the industry is a sink hole of abuse. Harlotry & whoring, on film.

Yes it's useful to see how sex works.

Yes, it can be fun. But, don't have too much fun. Seek out people in real life.



What would be the solution? Well, I would now lean toward keeping kids away from the stuff completely of course. Completely. And adult should should be, well, as f-ing minimal as possible, with a very strong preference being given toward real in person interactions.

Dating and marriage in other words. Marriage. And yes marriage with children, and that's the point of sex: children!


Ultra-right religious bullshit, repackaged via TED(x) morons:
Porn The New Tobacco | Jack Fischer | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

My video response:

Human interest in watching open expressions of human sexuality isn't fucking the new tobacco.

And neither is the darker side of porn 1.0, where people crassly sell a very poor and inaccurate portrayal of human sexuality.

Porn 2.0 is a step up, where people organically share more honest expressions of intimate activities. Sites such as have such expressions, but sadly sites with some porn 2.0 content are fully funded via crass & abusive porn 1.0 content.

Porn 3.0 would be where humans can share full & honest expressions of human sexuality without the abusive harlottry of porn 1.0 being around at all.

Also Porn 3.0 would mention how sex results in babies! Perish the thought!

Can the two concepts be merged? Porn 3.0 would leave the whores in the dust, but still would share honest expressions of human sexuality.

Now, back to Jack Fischer: This "nofap" business of ascribing nobility to abstinence from masturbation: That is abuse - the very quintessence of it.

My own experience with masturbation in the Mormon Church:

Mortal Mormonism: How Mormons are taught to do right, then betrayed and shamed by their upper leaders. By Jonathan , a former: temple worker, full time missionary, Sunday School president, priesthood holder, and member of the Mormon Church. A personal journal & explanation.

In Mormonism they teach young children from at least the age of eleven that masturbation is evil. They also readily share a terrible book called Miracle of Forgiveness by past Mormon prophet Spencer Kimball about the evils of masturbation, how masturbation can destroy your life, may turn you into a homosexual, and is a sin which must be confessed to a Mormon Bishop and is a sin which makes it so you cannot visit the Mormon temples.

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Now it's true that there's "dangers" with uneducated exposure to crass harlotry. But on the other hand we can go too far with the shaming.

So take with a huge grain of salt advise from fuckers like this guy:

Why be wary of advise from people like this guy? Because there's a very easy abusive slope and connection between ultra-right type abusive sexual shaming, and the supposedly secular repackaging of these ideas. The "secular" supposedly "scientific" repackaging of ultra-right religious shaming regarding human sexuality - is by it's very nature inherently problematic.

As for all this, and especially regarding shaming for masturbation:

You CAN and you WILL teach children to hate their own bodies!

You CAN and you WILL teach children and adults VERY unhealthy ideas regarding masturbation and the value of self-touching and self-exploration.

You CAN and you WILL teach adults they should be AFRAID of having too much sexual energy present in their lives, and in their relationships!

Teaching people to be afraid and fearful of the SEXUAL SYSTEMS built into them by billions of years evolution by natural selection: THAT IS ABUSIVE!

So there is ZERO nobility in abstaining from masturbation.

There is value in having enough sexual energy and motivation to go on a date, or to love your wife more often. That's true! But the easy-ready slope to teaching people to hate their own bodies just because we're inherently sexual, that is something we need to be very careful about doing.

So you abstained from masturbation for six months?

You stupid dumb fuck: Prostate cancer awaits.

Also you are cheating yourself by doing such a moronic thing!

What a moron you are - you "
nofap" fool!
Secular repackaging of ultra-right religious shame is really just lipstick on an otherwise abusive pig.

Sorry to see that the TED / TEDx effort has been hijacked by all this. Rich snobs can be dumbshits too.
Joycelyn Elders on masturbation:

"...Masturbation, practiced consciously or unconsciously, cultivates in us a humble elegance -- an awareness that we are part of a larger natural system, the passions and rhythms of which live on in us. Sexuality is part of creation, part of our common inheritance, and it reminds us that we are neither inherently better nor worse than our sisters and brothers. Far from evil, masturbation just may render heavenly contentment in those who dare..."

And remember that Bill Clinton fired her for stating this type of thing.

Clinton Fires Surgeon General Over New Flap

...while at the same time Clinton was having oral sex in the oval office.

A good response from Hitchens:
No One Left to Lie To: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton

Bill Clinton, Womanizer and Adulterer In Chief, fired a surgeon general who advocates for the value of masturbation.

Past Mormon Prophet Spencer Kimball tells married couples they should not engage in oral sex, and that masturbation is a great evil.

Oral sex:
page two:


Mormon leader Boyd Packer comes out with an incredibly abusive anti-masturbation pamphlet which is shared very widely with all Mormon boys.

Text in pamphlet:

Evangelical Christian fuckers buy into the same abusive bullshit.

And then fucking TEDx allows repackagers of ultra-right religious shame in a supposedly "secular" form.

Thanks TEDx & TED, and go to hell.


Keep masturbating!

Share your masturbation experiences with your partner!

Help your partner start masturbating!

Even be so bold as to search for porn 2.0 on the internet (real people engage in real sex, not whores showing a false view - hard to find, but may you can find it).

Use that you find to help to expand your repertoire with your real life partner!

Your brain isn't being hijacked, no more than breathing hijacks your body. Sex is a key part of who we are - inseparable. That's why people who teach us to feel bad for being sexual animals are evil, even sexual repackagers of such abusive shame.

Yes there's some value in limited amounts of shame if a given activity leads to a dead end. But medium or long term abstinence from masturbation is an inherent abuse.

Religions like Mormonism & Evangelical Christianity DO hijack human sexuality, for their own nefarious ends. They subvert normal natural humanity for their own evil ends. And "nofap" is a supposedly secular apology for this subversion.

Suicide in Mormonism from anti-masturbation bull, as in the The Godmakers documentary: 
...start at or fast forward to time index 23:15, and especially continue through past 24:33 to learn about a young man who killed himself because he was taught within Mormonism to hate his own body.

More info:


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Thanks Masturbation!

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