Sunday, October 24, 2010

night addendum of 10-24-2010

I have watched both sides on the Juan Williams thing. The responses from both sides caused me to be annoyed.

I'm annoyed at those on the left who I disagree with. I'm annoyed that the left refuses to appreciate people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I'm annoyed that the right doesn't want universal heathcare, and that much of their policies amount to social Darwinism (or Spencerism).

On MSNBC they've mischaracterized Juan's comments I think.

But Fox still remains an idiot channel too.

Maybe this is why I don't have cable.

I'm off to bed.

I guess in a supposedly free country country I get to define myself how I choose.

I'm a leftist who opposes gender apartheid, conservative religion, and apology for oppression.

WTF: Lefties in favor of bagging women from head to toe

It is sadly true that there are ultra lefties in favor of bagging women from head to toe, and they consider such bagging "liberation."

Having been raised in a left leaning household I naturally have an affinity for the so-called left. But it really is insane to consider that any ideology that seeks to bag women as a normal matter of course is healthy or happy or worth supporting.

The original article from a member of the "Sydney Socialist Alliance."

And a response from Frontpage Magazine:

Maybe this is how it feels like to be pushed from one side to the other by the extremists. As a socialist and a leftie myself I personally am disgusted by "socialists" and left leaning people who are in favor of abusive gender apartheid, and bagging women from head to toe as a normal common matter of course. These people are fucking crazy.

Notice how on their webpage they make a reference to "independent media." And that reminds me, Amy Goodman in the U.S. has often played Islamic music during her "Democracy Now!" program.

What the fuck is up with the hippie generation in the U.S. & everywhere? The Iraq war and 9/11 has driven the some of the hippie generation and their children to be new apologists for and worshipers of hard line Islam. It's fucking amazing, and worth fighting against. One form of insanity apparently breads another.

Yes the Iraq war was highly problematic. But that doesn't mean we or anyone is justified in advocacy for incredibly abusive human spirit destroying gender apartheid.

Islam is a religion, not a race. All religions are sets of memes. Not all are equal. Some help humanity thrive. Some are abusive. But Saudi style Islam that bags women from head to toe, and that seeks to keep boys and girls separate after age eight - that form really is a cancer on humanity - an incredibly abusive ideology / meme-set / religion that deserves to be exposed as one of the most abusive meme-virus cancers that humanity has ever produced.

If Islam is to have a Reformation and an Enlightenment, we must be honest about all this.

Oh Lord, free me from the F tards on the left and the right - 10-24-2010

From my little house on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Today's rant:

With the clouds in the sky and the rain I don't feel like doing much of anything other than vegging out. I went to an Armenian store and got some cherry liquor filled chocolates and dates. It has been confirmed that my dating profile is good to go. I've reconsidered my past (a few years ago) stance on Juan Williams. I now think that it was good to have him at both Fox & NPR because he served as a bridge from the liberals to the conservatives. But NPR severed that bridge in a stupid way, and they've inflamed the issue. And I'm a bit tired of having to think about responding to the retards on the far left who believe that his remarks were improper, because IMO in context his comments were proper. It's true that Fox is largely comprised of troglodyte greedy social-Darwinist right-wing nut jobs, but Juan was a voice of reason these people and to the people who watch Fox news. Perhaps he'll continue to be. But the D.C. beltway politically correct East coast left just cut off their noses despite their face with this firing.

There seems to be a line of reasoning emerging that I can increasingly recognize, with those who believe that cartoons of Mohammad should be censored, the people who say this on the left, and these same people support Juan's firing. It's the same people who oppose the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. It's the same people who were very irritated at Bush's mishandling of the Iraq war. And these same people see 9/11 as some sort of natural response to western imperialism.

But their response feels to me like that of someone who gets punched, the person who gets punched then gets up and wants to have a nice chat with the abuser. Or they want to ignore when the abuser goes and starts punching others. Their response is fear based. The puncher in this case is the Taliban, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and what used to be Sadam's Iraq.

The banning of the recent relevant episode of South Park was fear based.

The left support for the censorship of the Danish cartoons was fear based.

Not caring about whether Afghan women are again put under the thumb of the Taliban - the people on the left who say this, this response is both fear based and an example of the disease of cultural relativism that infects the academic ivory towers of the west.

Thank goodness for people like Sam Harris & Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and secular Islam advocates such as at

Also thank the Lord for Pat Condell.

The way Bush handled the Iraq war didn't help things either. It helped push the left to be even more appreciative of Islam, and has, apparently, driven much of the far left to consider 9/11 to be "Islam Appreciation Day."

So with this latest Juan Williams thing, it comes on the heels on the Ground Zero Mega Mosque controversy and a 9/11 anniversary. And I can say that the state of things on the left and the right doesn't make me particularly happy.

I have no interest in supporting greedy corporatist bastards.

But on the other hand I have no interest in supporting Saudi-and-Taliban-style Islam that continues to oppress women at home and abroad.

But, unlike C.A.I.R., a group that appears to be a Hamas front group, there's some more hopeful groups such as

Anyway, the knife of 9/11 keeps getting turned and twisted, by the left and the right.

The firing of Juan was a twisting by the left. Keith Olbermann's support for the Ground Zero Mega Mosque was a similar twisting.

Rudy Giuliani on the right certainly twisted it because in near every campaign speech he mentioned a noun, a verb, and 9/11.

Where are all the people with both brains and a heart?

I don't think oppressive countries should be allowed to stew in their own garbage, as is apparently advocated by Michael Moore in the following piece:

I disagree with Moore & his cohorts: Yes, countries that oppress their populous have no sovereign right to do so untouched. And yes, young men in Islam are driven to suicide so they can get 72 virgins in the afterlife.

Anyway, it's a crazy world. But a highly increased use of expletives toward all sides seems an apt course at this time. May we find a way forward away from the stinky stuffy people and the wrong headed hippies who've moved on to academia and NPR, who are willing to sit by which their fellows wallow in a sewer. And forward away from the corporatist charlatans who seek to deceive the poor into supporting their social-Darwinist agenda. Where's the voice of reason from people who have a conscience, and are intelligent?

I wish there were a national radio network that allowed for full freedom of speech, so that all views could be equally expressed. But right now, we apparently have one network for the politically correct censoring left, and a couple of right wing networks where the corporatist and tea bagger right gets to speak.

But at least there's youtube and so on. So we've got that.

It's a rainy day. But I'm feeling better already.