Thursday, January 22, 2015

DeWayne Wickham, Coward and Murder Apologist - Regarding Censorship of Charlie Hebdo


I am writing to file a complaint regarding the following employee of Morgan State University: DeWayne Wickham. The main focus of my complaint is one of journalistic malpractice, where this man who's the head of the journalism department in my view advocates for the murder of artists - such as the artists recently murdered at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

A journalist should report the facts, not censor them. It's not your job to treat religion and cults with kid gloves, or to "protect" people from well-founded honest opinions about religions and cults.

Recently Mr. Wickham published the following article in USA Today:

Wickham: 'Charlie Hebdo' crosses the line

Here's my reply to that article:

De facto apology for, and support for, murderers and their actions. In the wake of the murder of 12 people this is the best you can do?

Papers which refused to show the art of artists just barely murdered for their art need to find useful apologists for their despicable and cowardly actions. USA Today has such a man on staff apparently.

Want to know about Islam? Ask an ex-Muslim. You'll get more honest answers about the totality of the situation. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Maryam Namazie, Salman Rushdie, Walid Shoebat, and so on. Also you'll get more honest answers from people who left other cults such as Mormonism. Ex-Mormons usually more easily sympathize & empathize with the plight of people in other cults. The two main differences between Islam & Mormonism are time-since-founding and that the core edicts of Islam are more dangerous & destructive & abusive than Mormonism.

Apology for murder. Apology for censorship. Apology for having a new de facto sharia, a new "Islamic-State-Light" in America and Europe. That's what people like DeWayne Wickham are apparently advocating for.

As for me I'll stand with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Maryam Namazie, Salman Rushdie, Walid Shoebat, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, Sam Harris, and Caroline Fourest.

Here's a related article by Ms. Fourest:
Violence Against Charlie Hebdo: The Globalization of Moral and Intellectual Confusion

Cowardly "journalists" who aren't really journalists quickly apologize for murder and their own pusillanimous actions, search, find, and scratch for every possible reason for their cowardly actions. It's lame - but you're part of the "old media." Old-media is who's doing the censoring of art artists were just barely murdered for. Thank goodness for the Internet, where we need not ask amoral cowards to be our filters.

The "left" really does *nothing* to help Muslims leave the abusive cult they're in. So-called "journalists" stand by and watch murder happen, and then quickly go on and apologize for (and de facto support) the actions of the murderers. It's your job to report on the facts - that's it - not to be cowardly rear-end-covering filters in the wake or terrible murder and murder-enabled artistic censorship.

Additional related articles:

We Are Charlie: Free Speech v. Self-Censorship
by Douglas Murray

Charlie Hebdo stood alone. What does that say about our ‘free’ press?

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Sam Harris' new entry on the murder of Hebdo artists, and the subsequent censorship.

After Charlie Hebdo and Other Thoughts

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Leftist religion loves Islam and hates the West and the fruits of the Enlightenment

"I am an Islamophillic leftie and you cannot change my mind. You can show how the Quran and Mohamed are reprehensible and evil, you won't change my moral and cultural relativist mind. You can advocate that we really stand up for the value of comedy, satire, and art which help free people from mental and physical slavery, and you still won't change my Islamophillic tendencies. I love Islam and hate Ametica, the West, and the Enlightenment, and I'm a traitor to all three. Mohamed was an advocate for social justice and women's rights. And all things are relative. Plus I belong to a de facto death cult that advocates for very low rates of reproduction, so in the end the brain washed people will of course win!"

...says your average watcher of Democracy Now(?), and appreciators of Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, and Reza Aslan. Also your average BBC, New York Times, MSNBC, CNC, Sky News, Toronto Star, CBC, and PBS Newshour editor. And your average UU member or leader.

So the left has their denialist de facto religion with dogma, heresy trials, and excommunication also.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

PBS Newshour censorship of Charlie Hebdo art people died for!

PBS Newshour refused to show the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo. Here's the complaint I just filed with them:

Regarding your refusing to show the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo: The PBS Newshour is complicit with murder, and is acting as apologists for murder.

12 people just died for god's sake!

Excellent clarity from Douglas Murray:

Related complaint sent to the BBC regarding censorship of Charlie Hebdo:

The above referenced complaint also relates directly to the PBS Newshour.

"Old media," such as the Newshour can go the way of the Dodo (no offense to Dodos). Your main audience appears to be Luddites with no access to the Internet.

Latest issue of Hebdo available online

Very good lines on paper. Blood paid for this issue.

The future belongs to those who slander, and draw outrageously funny cartoons about, the prophet of Islam.

Children in Islam reportedly love Mohamed more than their parents - the sign of a cult.
"...for a Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad is more important than their own parents..."


From Indian TV:

Paris attack: Taslima Nasreen says freedom of expression is absolute

Speaking on the killing of Charlie Hebdo journalists, Bangladeshi author said that the freedom of expression is absolute and that the state failed to act against radicals.

Video at:



Quite true that the left is out to lunch on this issue.

More info recently found:

According to Mr. Murray behind closed doors European leaders know the truth. But they dare not speak it in public.

We don't need you to censor truth and facts on our behalf. We don't need you to be our filters of reality, and to hide us from the truth 12 people just died for.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Complaint sent to the BBC regarding censorship of Charlie Hebdo


I am writing to make a complaint regarding the BBC News division, and the matter of your choosing to now show copies of Charlie Hebdo.

It's almost as if you view these papers as a type of pornography. You also don't show graphic images of sexual activity. And also you refuse to show caricatures of the Islamic prophet Mohamed, even after several deaths of associated publishers & so on.

This is outrageous and highly immoral, these actions of yours.

You're not reporting the news. Your censoring it. Managing it.

You're acting in this matter very much like "old media." New media remains relevant because it's uncensored and often unfiltered.

We don't need the BBC to filter our eyes from sexuality. And we don't need the BBC to filter our eyes from caricatures of Mohamed.

Islam is not a race, it's a religion. I am an ex-Mormon and so I know what it's like to believe in a charismatic charlatan prophet. Joseph Smith had a 14 year old wife & he was married to women who were still legally married to other men. Mohamed had a 6 year old wife, and he was a warmonger & murderer.

So the bottom line is that you're not reporting the news accurately. Instead you're acting as a lame old-media-style filter. And you're acting as an enabler for murder.

Your actions in this matter essentially are complicit with, and an act of apologetics for, murders. And for what? For lampooning the prophet of a religion. An abusive religion. A religion which never had a Reformation, or maybe it's having one now with our help. But it will only have one effectively if we are willing to be honest, and to treat Islam with the same level of criticism we use for other religions.

We don't need your help to keep us from cartoons, especially when the cartoonists involved were murdered for what they drew.

Publish images of the latest issue of Hebdo.

p.s. Hebdo applied a near equal level of scrutiny toward all religions. That's the way it should be. Why should everyone be required to treat Islam with kid gloves? Because it's people are supposedly oppressed, or because it's a "race," or because angry Muslims will try & kill us for being critical of Islam? Which is it?

Muslims are oppressed by their own religion, and by the fact that Islam *never* had a proper Reformation like Christianity did. Maybe Islam is having it's Reformation now (where afterword it can have it's big boy pants on and be able to deal with cartoons like adults instead of like spoiled little brat kids) - but it will only have an effective reformation if we're willing to be honest about Islam.

Islam is not a race, it's a religion.

Everyone should be perfectly willing to be critical if all other religions.

Leftists often don't know what it's like to live in real religions, such as Mormonism, Islam, Scientology, the Jim Jones or David Koresh cults, and so on. All they know is about the light & fluffy stuff they hear in Anglican or Unitarian Universalist meetings. But those are no longer *real* religions, where people really *are* brain washed.

What's one key sign of a cult? When children view the cult leaders as being more important than their families.
In Islam children are taught to value Mohamed more than their parents.

That's abusive, and a key sign of a cult.

Can we handle honesty? Apparently some of us cannot. But news orgs should not keep of from cartoons of all things! Especially when the associated artists were murdered for their work.