Thursday, March 31, 2011

links regarding the circumcision ban in San Francisco

Links about the movement against circumcision in San Francisco:

Utah cut funding for medicaid for circumcision, and the state's circ rate has dropped to 50%.

In the U.S. 66% of baby boys are now not circed.
Praise the Lord.

Oh, and for those who enjoy the works of that crazy charismatic gold digging cuckold creating womanizer we have: Moroni 8:8.

And for the other religions: - including Christian, Jewish, and Islamic views against circumcision.

San Francisco Circumcision Ban: I support it big time.

People are working to ban circumcision in San Francisco.

The truth hurts. What results in about 15 square inches of skin is ripped off of a little helpless boy. His sex life, and the sex lives of his future partners will be forever altered. Is turn about fair play in parenting? Should we do unto others what we've first done to ourselves? Wading into the mire of "this is not as bad as that type of argument," when we're talking about mutilation and abuse - that isn't healthy nor helpful. Screaming. Pain. Death. Permanent change. Nerve cutting. Yes, they're similar. Why does the phrase "I like people damaged and mutilated just like me" appear both in retrograde tribes, and also with the gay hipsters who run Q? Go figure. If you were deceived by a doctor into doing this to your sons, that's too bad. It's unfortunate that many mothers didn't see how such a thing could be damaging or to have some empathy about what might happen. Didn't they have bodies of their own to think about? "Hey, what if something like this was done to me?" Why didn't they think that?

I'm with Hitchens on this one.

My girlfriend was horrified when she learned of this practice. They don't do stuff like this where she is. So there's hope: Some humans don't do this to their kids. And even in Utah the circ rate is going down.