Friday, September 12, 2014

Thomas Rowlandson's erotic engravings.

Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827), erotic engravings.


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the sexual, mostly positive, but sometimes negative, art of Mihály Zichy

The sexual, mostly positive, but sometimes negative (but honest), art of Mihály Zichy

Mihály Zichy (1827 to 1906).

Born in Hungary.

Drawings as in the book Liebe (the quality of love, pleasure, joy, favor, love).

Full title: Liebe. Vierzig Zeichnungen

A few of the drawings are a bit disturbing, in that they show the more deviant (justifiably-lockable-up) side of human sexual behavior. But there's healthy depictions in other drawings.

It's worth making note of the truth (and locking away the abusers when necessary). Celibate the good & healthy. Lock up the abusers though. His drawings show both sides.

Found a few copies of the book:

Monday, September 8, 2014

whitewashing history -- sex obsessed ancestors -- nudist hypocrisy

In school, they completely whitewashed history.

Check out these caricatures through 1827 by Thomas Rowlandson...

In listening to Sister Wendy at
she complains of Puritanism AND feminism. Why is that?

Disgust about shame regarding sex from the right AND the left. I think that's what makes Sister Wendy upset.

From the 1524 book I Modi (The Ways):

...found one copy for $50:

We recently watched the documentary at
(log onto your local library website first to view it free).
...Beyond Naked - about nude biking during an art festival in Seattle.

One key thing that struck me about the film was when one very fat woman, who's nude with her husband at home 99% of the time, offered fearful & crass advise regarding penile erections to the participants.

A very unattractive fat woman with rolls and rolls of fat is going to offer advise to men about the state of their penises when they're nude?

Ironic. Strange. A leftist hippie form of sexual shaming. And key denialism from the "nudist" camp regarding what nudity is always partly about, that is when adults are present and can see each other - you know, the S word that they fear so much. 

Related links:
..."Mainstream  naturism  relies  on  discriminatory  and  dishonest  practices  to  manage
sexuality that limits the diversity of the  naturist population and presents  an  image and
culture that lacks integrity and transparency..." Damn right.

Am I for 100% nudism all the time? No. Why? Because there's crazies in the world who will do worse things than what they're already doing if everyone were nude. You know, the homeless nutjob who goes pee in front of your local Walmart, and worse nutjobs lurking. There's always a certain percent.

But, on the other hand, viewing films like The Good Old Naughty Days (available at many public libraries), and learning of the art in Pompeii, and the above more contemporary links, and books like the Kama Sutra are enlightening and eye opening & incredibly important as well - as are the works that Sister Wendy has shown us.

Life is a balancing act. How to balance between the Puritans on the right and the anti-porn anti-freedom hysterical feminazi hippies on the left? How to reject shame from the right and the left, while still remaining healthy, and free, and happy? It's hard work. But I think we need to be honest.

Humans very thinly hide their sexuality for some very good reasons. But on the other hand, if we hide it too much we can also become fucked up...

When naked adult humans can see each other, and one or both are not 100% ugly, there is a sexual component present, even if the participants are fundamentally dishonest about their status & state (eg: your average nudist in America & Europe).

Sex is hard wired into us. Hysterical leftist hippie nudists cannot rip that wiring out, any more than rightist Bishops & Priests can. It's there. There's no denying it. It does need some management I agree. But we can go too far either way. It's refreshing to know that our ancestors were obsessed - and for good reason. We would not be here otherwise, probably.