Friday, February 2, 2018

Libertarian Atheists are often just abusively permissive leftist hippies

Libertarian Atheists, are usually abusively permissive Leftist Hippies.

Case in point:

In response to the post quoted below, 40 or so rather negative responses came back including one death threat against the original poster. After receiving the death threat, the original poster added a long comment in reply, after which the group admins booted the original poster.

The group: - AKA Libertarian Atheists.

These people, self-described libertarian atheists, have no concept of what human nature is, and zero respect for our evolutionary heritage.

In the follow post "NIP" means non-interference principle, something self described libertarians claim to believe in.

------------ quote begins original post in the Libertarian Atheist group:

Every time I hear Joe Rogan I am inclined to say to him: “you’re a moron. Pot does rot your brain. Also ‘letting people live their lives’ doesn’t take into account how people can be sucked into de facto (secular) cults. And there is a difference between government mandates and just doing social shaming for at least some destructive behaviors - although I’m not pro pot legalization nor for allowing non-reproductive outliers to suck kids into their unnatural-for-the-children ‘relationships.’”

I guess I’m a classic liberal too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore observed facts or what a given redpill might reveal, nor ignore how evolution works and our evolved natures.

The following is a list of my current views which shall probably trigger leftist-hippie libertarians, and so what:

1. Sexual organs are for making babies.

2. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species. Two genders period, and unchangeable.

3. Gayness appears to be largely a forced chosen outlier state, for most people who self identify as such.

Yes there’s gay non-human animals, but this is solely because the force of evolution on this front produces a certain percentage of non-reproductive outliers.

Thus to any extent that their are actually natural born human gays (as opposed to victims sucked into a de facto nihilistic death cult), they are >not< selected for. Rather they, are simply mistakes generated by the machinery and force regarding how evolution works.

4. We should imo salute valiant people like Doug Mainwaring who realize children should and must come first.

5. Climate Change Hysteria has zero connection with real and true and honest science.

6. Religions couch evolved traits and morals.

7. Christianity is superior to Islam and Judaism. Islam greatly and abusively amplifies out-group morality.

8. Christianity laid the foundation for a Reformation and Enlightenment. Men on the moon. America. Bringing humanity out of the largely Islam caused Dark Ages.

9. Overpopulation is a myth created by anti human nihilists.

10. If fat shaming works then why not gay and trans and bi shaming.

11. Margaret Sanger was a horrible racist eugenicist.

12. Race and IQ are inseparably linked.

13. The Democrat party was and still is about slavery.

14. Pot does rot your brain. And who pays for rehab and the impacts resulting from damaged and hijacked brains? Me via tax money.

15. Trump is a wonderful and highly useful president.

Denialist hippie triggering concluded.

------------end of quote.

After receiving 40 or so negative type replies, including one death threat from a group member, the following addendum was posted. This addendum comment resulted in the original poster being banned from "Libertarian Atheists."

Not so libertarian. Mostly abusively permissive leftist (GD) hippies.

------------ quote begins of comment posted after receive 40 negative replies including one death threat, from so-called "libertarian" atheists, a comment which then resulted in a ban from the group:

There's no such thing as a non-interference principle in a social animal.

Joe Rogan, and his dittoheaded followers frequently resort to the use of loud expletives as a means of conveying supposed arguments. The louder the expletive is spoken (or typed in capitals), the stronger the argument is supposed to be.

Yes it's possible to assess what a group is like by their responses to a given argument pr set or arguments & points. The tone of their responses.

In the above list so far, I see one death threat. How's that for your gd interference principle.

Now, as for a reasoned argument, which I don't think you're able to process really, is as follows:

Humans tend to gather in groups and draw up rules. You know, rules again: murder, rape, cheating. Stuff like that. There's also rules of war, for when another tribe attacks yours. I don't "love" Trump, but I agree with Milo he has damn high utilitarian value, and I also agree with Milo that Trump was the best de-facto librarian on the ballot.

Leftists (including leftist libertarians) force their will onto me and mine all the time.

At >two< government-run local art museums, they have mandatory "gender neutral" restrooms where the mentally-ill gender-dysphoric memetic-children-of-neomarxist-postmodernism men, get to spy on women & girls in the restrooms there.

Gays, force their will onto others all the time, at cake shops, at the adoption center, and on and on. They seek to use the force of law, of the State, to impose their will.

Potheads and other druggies damage their brains. They can end of jobless and on rehab. Who pays for their rehab? And who pays for how pothead parents basically F up the lives of their kids via having easy access to a brain hijacking chemical?

So, who exactly is forcing whom on these fronts?

The gender dysphoric and their leftist enablers, are forcing me.

The gays, are forcing me.

The potheads and other druggies, are forcing me.

The neomarxist postmodernists, are forcing me.

So, why exactly should I give a shit? This was asked more than once. Why would I give one blooding fucking rats ass, what someone else does with "their body." Why? Why? Why?

Because, dumb-S (yes I'll now resort ot the use of exlitives myself, well after one death threat in this thread so far), humans are social animals. Because what you do, affects me. What you do, affects your family. And if you're pregnant, what you do, affects someone who isn't you - the baby inside.

NIP my ass.

As social animals humans have a tendency to make up group rules which help discourage destructive dead end behaviors. So be. Yes not everything is equal. Yes there's a balance between 100% freedom and responsibility. In fact we cannot have freedom without responsibility - something your average pothead lib has mostly forgot. "And don't ask me to pay for your rehab either" - I'd say to them.

For you, yes you, "libertarian" means the freedom to be left alone to do your shit. Smoke pot. Do some bitcoining. More pot. More bitcoining. Add some pot. Joe Rogan libertarianism I guess. Not mine really.

Oh my god, what a mess:
"Left-libertarianism encompasses those libertarian beliefs that claim the Earth's natural resources belong to everyone in an egalitarian manner, either unowned or owned collectively..."

Response: Earth's natural resources belong to everyone? F-ing Communism!

"Right-libertarianism developed in the United States in the mid-20th century and is the most popular conception of libertarianism in that region. It is commonly referred to as a continuation or radicalization of classical liberalism. Right-libertarians value the social institutions that enforce conditions of capitalism, while rejecting institutions that function in opposition to these institutions."

Response: Ok classical libertalism advocacy, and pro-capitalism.

But how does being pro-capitalism mean you get to kill a baby inside your womb, or that you get to smoke pot & f-up your life (next stop: rehab & getting my tax money - but what of the sacred NIP?), and the lives of your family (NIP gone, again)? How does being pro-capitalism mean you get to adopt a child into your unnatural-for-the-children outlier (gay or trans) relationship?

Oh yes my views are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Victorian.

Hey I likes me some tits and ass as much as the next red blooded American male. But tits and asses are for making kids, ok?

Human nature. Human evolution. What helps humanity thrive best.

Yes I admit and agree that the American project is the best way devised thus far. And if democracy can only be maintained when a general population has an IQ above a certain level, then your dreams of a utopian "libertarian" society look even >more< far off and more like a pipe dream.

Yes of course the State has grown too big.

But it's fascinating (and f-ing annoying) to me that ALL THESE PEOPLE who want to be left alone to do their thang, don't wish to leave me and mine alone.

Gender neutral restrooms where lookiloo men get to spy on women & girls.

Babies killed en masse by Margaret Sanger's abattoir.

Brains damaged and families destroyed by all those drugs which are just, by F, none of my business.

None of my business. None of my business. Don't f-up my party bro!

Leftist hippies indeed. And yes I'm generally for classical liberalism. Thus as you prepare to press the boot button, keep that in mind.

As for the rest, since the thread did include one death threat from one oh-so-kind NIP-loving lib, I'll say this: F U.

------------ end of quote of comment which resulted in a ban from a libertarian atheists group.

Many self described libertarians aren't libertarian at all. Rather, they're just abusive morons who mostly want to force you, and everyone else, to pay for their excesses and abuse.