Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Leftist Charlatan Virtue Signalers Want Your Money

The de facto religions of the left, and the charlatan leaders of these cults, want your money.

The Clintons

Al Gore

Al Sharpton

Climate Change Hysterical Whores
The Stonewall Warriors and the Outlier-Rights whore groups
Planned Parenthood systematic poor & black person killing org.

All these virtue signalling leftist cult leaders & charlatan groups, want your money.

Historically religious charlatans would set up tents, and they'd say to the assembled crowd: "I am the most moral, give me your money."

Virtue signalling as a means of enhancing cash flow.

Yes there is good human morality. But the cultural left shows they have zero association with good morality.

For years virtue signalling leftists essentially sucked the John Thomas of rapist Bill Clinton.

Then Friend of Bill Al Gore found a way to use his own type of charlatanry as a means of getting cash.

While leftists support the 'right' to be a non-reproductive outlier, and to have such outliers shove their own implements right down the mouths of the normal inherently-reproductive people, well they also want cash in association with their lying cheating virtue signalling. Normal women & girls & families, to the f-ing back of the bus with these wastrels.

Redpill, from charlatans who want your money, and who use moralistic virtue signalling as a means of getting cash.

Yes there's good human morality, and that morality indicates that calling out f-ing cheaters is a damn useful activity.

October 11, 2017


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