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Mormon Bishops Are Child Abusers | Brain washed pretentious pompous claptrap, from a bunch of retrograde old farts: Thomas S. Monson, Spencer W. Kimball, Boyd Packer

1. Mormon Bishops Are Child Abusers

Oh my fucking god, and Jesus titty fucking Christ, here's a Mormon Bishop describing first hand how he intends to abuse children within his sphere of influence:

time index references as per original poster of the video:
Published on Jul 30, 2013

Recorded Aug 26th, 2012 from a special combined LDS meeting in North Ogden, UT. The topic is supposed to have come from a regional meeting, although it may have been inspired by my meeting with the bishop the week before when I protested the bishop talking about masturbation with my 8 year old for his baptismal interview.

The meeting was so important to them, that they took role of who showed up that Sunday, so that they could go visit the families in their homes who weren't present that day and give the presentation to them as well. 11:55 to 12:40 is where he talks how he explains to 8 year olds about their privates, but says that it may not be enough. He's concerned about how little kids don't know what chastity really is. 25:00-26:15 Questions for potential missionaries: same gender attraction, petting, masturbation, pornography. 26:35 Six month minimum waiting period after any of those sins are committed. 47:25-47:55 Apology to offended people, but excuses himself because of his "mantle."
...end of quote


2. Brain washed pretentious pompous claptrap, from a bunch of retrograde old farts:
Thomas S. Monson, Spencer W. Kimball, Boyd Packer

Examples of the abusive drivel from which the Mormon Bishop referenced above derives his fear-based diatribe against being human:

"We call upon members to renew their commitment to live the Lord’s standard of moral conduct. Parents should teach their children the sacred nature of procreative powers and instill in them a desire to be chaste in thought and deed. A correct understanding of the divinely appointed roles of men and women will fortify all against sinful practices. Our only real safety, physically and spiritually, lies in keeping the Lord’s commandments."


Jar Jar Binks, becomes a mormon leader:

"weesa call upon members to renew thesa commitment to live da lord’s standard of moral conduct.parents should teach thesa children da sacr nature of procreative powers and instill in them a desire to be chasta in thought and de.a correct understand of da divine appoint roles of men and women ganna fortify all against sinful practices.weesa on real safety,physical and spiritual,lies in keep da lord’s commandments."

Swedish Chef:

"Ve-a cell upun members tu renoo zeeur cummeetment tu leefe-a zee Lurd’s stunderd ooff murel cundooct. Um de hur de hur de hur. Perents shuoold teech zeeur cheeldree zee secred netoore-a ooff prucreeteefe-a pooers und insteell in zeem a desure-a tu be-a cheste-a in thuooght und deed. Bork bork bork! A currect understundeeng ooff zee deefinely eppueented rules ooff mee und vumee veell furteeffy ell egeeenst seenffool precteeces. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Oooor oonly reel seffety, physeecelly und spureetooelly, leees in keepeeng zee Lurd’s cummundments. Um gesh dee bork, bork!"


Also from the King of retrograde a-holes, Spencer W. Kimball, we have:

"Most youth come into contact early with masturbation. Many would-be authorities declare that it is natural and acceptable, and frequently young men I interview cite these advocates to justify their practice of it. To this we must respond that the world's norms in many areas: drinking, smoking, and sex experience generally, to mention only a few - depart increasingly from God's law. The Church has a different, higher norm."

"Thus prophets anciently and today condemn masturbation. It induces feelings of guilt and shame. It is detrimental to spirituality. It indicates slavery to the flesh, not that mastery of it and the growth toward godhood which is the object of our mortal life. Our modern prophet has indicated that no young man should be called on a mission who is not free from this practice."

"While we should not regard this weakness as the heinous sin which some other sexual practices are, it is of itself bad enough to require sincere repentance. What is more, it too often leads to grievous sin, even to that sin against nature, homosexuality. For, done in private, it evolves often into mutual masturbation--practiced with another person of the same sex and thence into total homosexuality."


Jar Jar Binks version:

"most youth comein into contact ear with masturbation.many would-be authorities declare da isa natural and acceptable,and frequent young men missa interview cita these advocates to justify thesa practice of dis weesa must respond da da biiig empire s norms in many areas:drink,smok,and sex experience general,to mention onda few - depart increasing from biiig one s law.da church has a different,higher norm."

"thus prophets ancient and today condemn induces feelings of guilt and shame.isa detrimental to indicates slavery toda flesh,no da mastery of it and da growth toward godhood which is da object of weesa mortal life.weesa modern prophet has indicat da no young man should be call onda mission who is no free from dis practice."

"while weesa should no regard dis weakness as da heinous sin which some other sexual practices is,isa of itself bombad enough to require sincere repentance.what is more,it too often leads to grievous sin,even to da sin against nature,homosexuality.for,done in privata,it evolves often into mutual masturbation--practic with another person of da same sex and thence into total homosexuality."

Swedish Chef:

"Must yuoot cume-a intu cuntect ierly veet mestoorbeshun. Muny vuoold-be-a oothureeties declere-a thet it is netoorel und eccepteble-a, und freqooently yuoong mee I interfeeoo ceete-a zeese-a edfucetes tu joosteeffy zeeur precteece-a ooff it. Um de hur de hur de hur. Tu thees ve-a moost respund thet zee vurld's nurms in muny erees: dreenking, smukeeng, und sex ixpereeence-a generelly, tu menshun oonly a foo - depert increeseengly frum Gud's lev. Zee Choorch hes a deefffferent, heegher nurm."

"Thoos pruphets unceeently und tudey cundemn mestoorbeshun. It indooces feeleengs ooff gooeelt und sheme-a. It is detreementel tu spureetooelity. Bork bork bork! It indeecetes slefery tu zee flesh, nut thet mestery ooff it und zee groot tooerd gudhuud vheech is zee oobject ooff oooor murtel leeffe-a. Oooor mudern pruphet hes indeeceted thet nu yuoong mun shuoold be-a celled oon a meessiun vhu is nut free-a frum thees precteece-a."

"Vheele-a ve-a shuoold nut regerd thees veekness es zee heeenuoos seen vheech sume-a oozeer sexooel precteeces ere-a, it is ooff itselff bed inuoogh tu reqooure-a seencere-a repentunce-a. Vhet is mure-a, it tuu oofftee leeds tu greeefuoos seen, ifee tu thet seen egeeenst netoore-a, humusexooeleety. Bork bork bork! Fur, dune-a in preefete-a, it ifulfes oofftee intu mootooel mestoorbeshun--precteeced veet unuzeer persun ooff zee seme-a sex und zeence-a intu tutel humusexooeleety. Bork bork bork!"

Pig Latin:

"Ostmay youthay omecay intoyay ontactcay earlyyay ithway asturbationmay. Anymay ould-beway authoritiesyay eclareday atthay ityay isyay aturalnay andyay acceptableyay, andyay equentlyfray youngay enmay Iyay interviewyay itecay esethay advocatesyay otay ustifyjay eirthay acticepray ofyay ityay. Otay isthay eway ustmay espondray atthay ethay orld'sway ormsnay inyay anymay areasyay: inkingdray, okingsmay, andyay exsay experienceyay enerallygay, otay entionmay onlyyay ayay ewfay - epartday increasinglyyay omfray Od'sgay awlay. Ethay Urchchay ashay ayay ifferentday, igherhay ormnay."

"Usthay ophetspray ancientlyyay andyay odaytay ondemncay asturbationmay. Ityay inducesyay eelingsfay ofyay uiltgay andyay ameshay. Ityay isyay etrimentalday otay iritualityspay. Ityay indicatesyay averyslay otay ethay eshflay, otnay atthay asterymay ofyay ityay andyay ethay owthgray owardtay odhoodgay ichwhay isyay ethay objectyay ofyay ouryay ortalmay ifelay. Ouryay odernmay ophetpray ashay indicatedyay atthay onay youngay anmay ouldshay ebay alledcay onyay ayay issionmay owhay isyay otnay eefray omfray isthay acticepray."

"Ilewhay eway ouldshay otnay egardray isthay eaknessway asyay ethay einoushay insay ichwhay omesay otheryay exualsay acticespray areyay, ityay isyay ofyay itselfyay adbay enoughyay otay equireray inceresay epentanceray. Atwhay isyay oremay, ityay ootay oftenyay eadslay otay ievousgray insay, evenyay otay atthay insay againstyay aturenay, omosexualityhay. Orfay, oneday inyay ivatepray, ityay evolvesyay oftenyay intoyay utualmay asturbation--practicedmay ithway anotheryay ersonpay ofyay ethay amesay exsay andyay encethay intoyay otaltay omosexualityhay."

Valley Girl:

"Most youth come into contact early with masturbation. Many would-be authorities declare that it is natural and acceptable, like, and frequently young men I interview cite these advocates to justify their practice of it. To this we must respond that thuh world's norms in many areas: drinkin', man, smokin', like, wow, and sex experience generally, man, to mention only a few - depart increasin'ly from God's law. The Church has a different, man, higher norm."

"Thus prophets anciently and today condemn masturbation. It induces feelin's of guilt and shame. It is ya know, like, detrimental to spirituality. It indicates slavery to thuh flesh, like, not that mastery of it and thuh growth toward godhood which is like wow! the object of our mortal life. Our modern prophet has indicated that no young nerd should be called on a mission who is not free from this practice."

"While we should not regard this weakness as thuh heinous sin which some other sexual practices are, oh, baby, it is ya know, like, of itself mean enough to require sincere repentance. What is more, man, it too often leads to grievous sin, like, even to that sin against nature, man, homosexuality. For, like, wow, done in private, mostly, it evolves often into mutual masturbation--practiced with another person of thuh same sex and thence into total homosexuality."

I think my favorite versions are Swedish Chef.


There's many reasons to extract oneself from such insantiy.

Here's more I just found:
Apostasy A to Z - Or, why I don't go to church any more. by Chris Tolworthy

Down toward the bottom of the last page there's a defunct link. But here's a copy:
Who Are The Lamanites?

Attention, Spencer Kimball: Masturbation does not lead to homosexuality. But your constant obsessions about it may.

Attention, Boyd Packer: Keep your hands off of my little factory, and out of the bedrooms of all children & adults in your cult.

Attention, Thomas Monson & cohorts: You're a bunch of f-ing old farts. What about Joseph Smith sleeping with a 14 year old, and with the wives of other men? What about Brigham Young sleeping with a 15 year old and with the wives of other men?

No More: End Mormons' Sexually Invasive Interviews of Children

Teaching children to fear their own bodies. That is what the Mormon Church teaches. Teaching eight, and eleven, and twelve year old children that masturbation may lead to homosexuality. Crazy. Stupid. Abusive. This must be stopped!

Related images found on the web:

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Free St. Patrick's Day from ultra-leftist religious dogmatism

Seculars against ultra-leftist religious dogmatism.

Naive ultra-liberal dogmatism is highly present in the following de facto branches of the religion known as Stonewall: American Atheists; Atheism Plus; Unitarian Universalism; Council for Secular Humanism; Center For Inquiry, Atheists of Utah, and so-called naturalists and humanists.

Since when did being human or natural mean we have to accept 100% of the gay agenda? Inherently non-reproductive sex? By default a petty dead end narcissistic lifestyle? Perhaps concern about homosexuality is natural? How's that?

Most recently the LGBTQPZ community became very upset with the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Found this on American Atheists' facebook page:

Generally speaking the American Atheists group, located in Cranford, New Jersey, is in my view yet another branch of the liberal dogmatic religion known as Stonewall, as are all of the other groups I mentioned above.

My response to the social-justice oh so righteous warriors on the ultra left, who want to fly the gay flag at every possible event:

Not every parade needs to be a gay pride one. The boycotts are stupid IMO. The parade organizers get to decide who's in their parade. If the Stonewall place in NYC wants to have their own parade, they can. But they shouldn't demand to hijack the regular parade for their own agenda. Liberal dogma can be a de facto religion. Whatever American Atheists or the advocates for atheism plus happen to say isn't automatically on my own list of important agenda items.

The quintessential struggle of our time is not the promotion of the ultra-liberal agenda. Rather, it's just general advocacy for science, survival, and a prudent amount of hawkishness so as to curtail the actions of world-stage bullies. That's my view...

As for the rest, you can put me on a heresy trial if you wish, but if you do so you'll be just acting in yet another religion, just one with a new name.

I'm not a member of your church, nor do I wish to be.

Related post I generally agree with:

Quotes from the post of the group Seculars Against Same Sex "Marriage:"
Just as black pride, brown pride, feminist pride, etc cannot be emphasized at the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade; the same applies to gay pride groups as well. The parade and day has nothing to do with any of the causes mentioned above. Blacks, Hispanics, Feminists, and Gays can still be in the parade, but just not promoting their own identity politics.

*"In their defence, parade organisers claim that gay people are not prohibited from marching, just not allowed to march under gay-themed banners. In Boston, organisers point to the fact that gay people this year joined a ‘diversity’ float that represented a South Boston neighbourhood.

*According to Boston’s lead parade organiser, Philip Wuschke: ‘We don’t ban gay people. We ban groups that are trying to make a statement.’ He notes that they have rejected a variety of groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, Irish heterosexual pride and an anti-abortion organisation, among others...

* Or you might ask, why do gay activists insist on joining a parade that isn’t about their cause and, in the case of Boston and New York, doesn’t want them there as a separately identified group?

*The notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church probably doesn’t expect to be able to join a gay pride march, and gay pride organisers wouldn’t let them in if they tried (in fact, St Patrick’s Day organisers in Boston say they turned down an application from Westboro, which is anti-Catholic as well as anti-gay, to join the parade)...

*This is the top-down, elite-led politics of name and shame, rather than a properly liberal campaign that draw upon popular support.

*What we are witnessing is an attack on those who don’t share today’s pro-gay outlook. Some may not want to opt out of this Culture War, but the war increasingly won’t allow there to be any bystanders. Instead, there is pressure to conform. Even if it does not spill over into the political or legal world, such conformism is problematic for the free flow of ideas.

*The sky will not fall if gays and lesbians are allowed to march in the Boston and New York St Patrick’s Day parades. But we will create a conformist, intolerant and unfree society if we do not allow space for the expression of different views, including traditional religious teachings about homosexuality and same-sex marriage."
 ---end of quote

Related posts:

Listening to the NARTH guy - issues more complex than either side says

A high abundance of angel readers and other nutjobs within the gay "lifestyle"

Again from

"...Since there are no objective harms of being or acting gay, there are no reasons to withhold any constitutional right from homosexuals, including marriage..."

But there IS objective harm! The naive liberal just doesn't know. It's par for the course.

And I am reminded of:

1. My gay uncle who died of aids leaving his straight family with no kids.
2. My gay nephew who leads a petty, shallow, dead-end type of life.
3. However and also: gay people I know who spend their lives helping others, in service oriented lives.
4. Gay people like Stephen Fry, who I largely admire.
5. The crappy crazy warped & perverse sexual morality in Mormonism & Catholicism.

In any case, I don't wish to be annexed by either side. Just because I think there may be problems with the petty selfish lifestyle present in homosexual culture doesn't mean I believe we should shame children for masturbation, for example, or teach children that masturbation automatically leads to homosexuality, which of course it does not.

Religion basically fucks up people's built-in sexuality. It can fuck it up so much that you can go WAY to far over to the other side. So in my view gays are ALSO being abused by religion, by being pushed away from normal productive human relations by the extreme anger on the issue present in conservative religion. So this is not a simple issue.

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Like it or not, Sex can equal Love | Review of Intimacy | I'm keeping XP!

Like it or not, Sex can equal Love.

Related blog post:

Review of the film Intimacy

Naturalistic fallacy:

Adding a 3TB drive to an HP DC7700 with Windows XP

Had to edit the MSI for the following software:
...even though I have an HGST drive the software would not install.

The drive also would not work using a PCI-e SATA card. Had to plug it into the SATA port on the DC7700 motherboard.

msi editor:

Windows XP - how to continue:,news-18270.html

March 14, 2014 morning

Topaz War Relocation Center visit; Farmington Creek trail, March 8 and 9, 2014

March 8: Time index 0 to 1:19:46: Topaz War Relocation Center
March 9: Time index 1:19:46 to 1:52:09: Farmington Creek Trail
March 8: Time index 1:52:09 to the end: slide show for Topaz site visit


Description of March 8 & 9, 2014 activities.

March 8:

Topaz War Relocation Center visit - 11:31am to about 1:34pm

Location on google maps:

More info:

quote from Topaz Museum website:
"The internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during WWII was one of the worst violations of civil rights against citizens in the history of the United States. The government and the US Army, falsely citing “military necessity,” locked up over 110,000 men, women and children in ten remote camps controlled by the War Relocation Administration and four male-only camps controlled by the Justice Department. These Americans were never convicted or even charged with any crime, yet were incarcerated for up to four years in prison camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards."

quotes from wikipedia article:
"The Topaz War Relocation Center, also known as the Central Utah Relocation Center (Topaz) and (briefly) the Abraham Relocation Center, was a camp which housed Nikkei – Americans of Japanese descent and immigrants who had come to the United States from Japan. There were a number of such camps used during the Second World War, under the control of the War Relocation Authority."

"The camp consisted of 19,800 acres (8,012.8 ha), nearly four times the size of the more famous Manzanar War Relocation Center in California. Most Topaz internees lived in the central residential area located approximately 15 miles (24.1 km) west of Delta, Utah, though some lived as caretakers overseeing agricultural land and areas used for light industry and animal husbandry."


March 9, at time index 1:19:46.

Farmington Creek Trail - 11:42am to about 12:18pm

Link to specific time index:

location on google maps:


slide show from Topaz site visit, March 8, at time index 1:52:09.

Link to specific time index location:

music used for slideshow:

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Questions for Mormon Missionaries - God, Sex, and honesty | 16 questions for Mormon Missionaries

The Mormon missionaries are knocking at your door.

Be nice to them. Two years of strict abstinence from dating & masturbation. Have pity on these poor naive fools / chumps. I was one, and so I can speak from first hand experience.

Bring them in. Give them some milk and cookies. And then, kindly present to them the following very poignant questions, in all seriousness, and humility, and before the Mormon God & his holy representatives, we ask:

1. Did Joseph Smith enjoy having sex with a 14 year old and with the wives of other men?,,464173,00.html
"...EW What do you think the reaction will be from the Mormon Church?
JK They've already basically let it be known that good Mormons should not read this book. And I think they will be very uncomfortable with the history; they will not like the fact that I point out that Joseph Smith told 14-year-old girls ''God says you should marry me, if you don't...'' His way of getting laid doesn't reflect well on him..."

"...I am especially disappointed that they feel such an urgent need to attack writers, like me, who present balanced, carefully researched accounts of Mormon history that happen to diverge from the official, highly expurgated church version..."

Horn Dog Joseph's direct activities to seduce young girls:
...check out page 122

2. How was the sex between the Mormon God & Mary the Mother of Jesus? When the Mormon God had sex with Mary the Mother of Jesus, did he go down on her? Did he give her head? Did the Mormon God have an orgasm, and did he help Mary have one too? Did they leave their clothes on?

What was it like, when God had sex with Mary?

and "... Jesus Christ is the Son of Elohim both as spiritual and bodily offspring; that is to say, Elohim is literally the Father of the spirit of Jesus Christ and also the body in which Jesus Christ performed His mission in the flesh, and which body died on the cross and was afterward taken up by the process of resurrection, and is now the immortalized tabernacle of the eternal spirit of our Lord and Savior. No extended explanation of the title “Son of God” as applied to Jesus Christ appears necessary..." from

Mormonism and oral sex:

In 1982, the Mormon God speaks about oral sex through his prophets, seers, and revelators:
Page 1:
page 2:,_seer,_and_revelator

A relevant parody of the situation:

3. Was it moral for the Mormon God to have sex with the wife of another man (eg: with Mary)?

4. Was it moral for Brigham Young to have sex with a 15 year old and with the wives of other men?

5. How come the more religious a person is the more of an asshole they tend to be?

6. Are intrusive interviews regarding masturbation of 12 year old children conducted by strange men AKA Mormon Bishops a good thing, or a bad & abusive thing?

And more on masturbation (question 6 & 8 related):

I remember receiving "A Guide to Self-Control" while on my Mormon mission in Alaska.

"...When the temptation to masturbate is strong, yell STOP to those thoughts as loudly as you can in your mind..." Yes, I tried that. Didn't work though. And this is of course an abusive request to make of anyone, especially an 11-21 year old.

Boyd Packer's related evil pamphlet given to Mormon children:
To Young Men Only (PDF)

7. Where is the Lamaite DNA? Why didn't Joseph Smith know about DNA? Wasn't he supposed to be hooked into the mind of the Mormon God? What about the basic denial of science in the totality of Mormon scripture?

8. When you're in the Mormon Church and you have sex with your wife, are you supposed to leave your garments on or have them off?

Relevant discussion:

9. How is a woman in Mormonism supposed to have an orgasm without oral sex? See references under question 2.

10. What is the "new name" you received in the Mormon Temple?

11. If we say "Health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and sinews. Power in the Priesthood be upon me, and upon my posterity through all generations of time, and throughout all eternity," will we really get into the Mormon Heaven? And do we really want to go there? No oral sex? NO masturbation? A bunch of anally retentive assholes around. And we have to kiss the rear and of a hostile alien god just to get there? Doesn't sound like fun to me - going to the Mormon Heaven? What do you think?

related links:

S.L. Temple "live" version:

Temple film shown in other Mormon temples:

The campy stilted saccharin Mormon view of heaven - in "Man's Search for Happiness:"

12. You're so eager. But young people can also be nieve. Young and dumb. Don't you think you're believe deceived by old fucking farts, like Spencer Kimball, Boyd Packer, and by long dead cult founders like Joseph Smith & Brigham Young.

13. Show the missionaries the film "Jesus Camp" and get their response.

14. When you get finished on your mission do you plan to attend BYU Idaho, and while there do you plan to complain about your roommates if they happen to have women staying over at night? If the answer is yes, then that means you're still an asshole. Free yourself, young, dumb, naive, Mormon missionary. Don't be a chump or a tool of old farts who just want 10% of your gross income.

15. What about the links between Mormonism and Masonry?

Why are the following photo collections related?
Salt Lake masonic temple images:

Mormon Salt Lake temple images:

And an additional question not mentioned in my view:

16. Watch the film "Plan 10 From Outer Space" with the missionaries and get their response.

IMG 8035 - 3-13-2014 7:42am

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Jesus wants me for an asshole: the song of LDS missionaries, bishops, and prophets

Parody of the song: Jesus wants me for a sunbeam

New version: Jesus wants me for an asshole.

A special version of the song which more accurately describes life in the Mormon Church, and especially regarding the leaders of Mormonism past & present. Mention is also made of Mormon leaders Spencer Kimball, Boyd Packer, and others. Plus also of my special time spent in Alaska on a Mormon mission.

And also commentary about Ukraine.

More info:

On past Mormon prophet Spencer Kimball and current Mormon apostle Boyd Packer:

Ron Pugmire, the first Mormon Bishop who introduced me both to masturbation interrogation interviews, and to Spencer Kimball's evil book Miracle of Forgiveness.

I remember asking Ron if women ever masturbate, as a naive ~12 year old. I think he said they did, but less than men. Sex education, straight from the Mormon Church. Thanks Joseph Smith!

People accurately describing the evil of Spencer Kimball's book:

Wives of Joseph Smith. One 14 year old, plus women still legally married to other men:

Wives of Brigham Young. One 15 year old, plus women still legally married to other men:

Related song about the homeworld of the Mormon God, where there's no oral sex, masturbation, nor anyone named Rex or Nate.

Related song about how we were all just sperm in God's balls:

Ukraine couple moving from Crimea to Kiev:

IMG 7982 - 3-11-2014 8:35am

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Listening to the NARTH guys - issues more complex than either side says

The NARTH guys.

Listening I am reminded of:

1. My gay uncle who died of aids leaving his straight family with no kids.
2. My gay nephew who leads a petty, shallow, dead-end type of life.
3. However and also: gay people I know who spend their lives helping others, in service oriented lives.
4. Gay people like Stephen Fry, who I largely admire.
5. The crappy crazy warped & perverse sexual morality in Mormonism & Catholicism.

Religion is a natural phenomenon, and so, like it or not natural human morality can be rooted in religion, even if religions also have built-in lies that their members are forbidden to speak against. And religions can go overboard, such as via equating masturbation with being gay.

Back in my fat bastard days I held up the book Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl.

But politically correct liberals engage in the naturalistic fallacy when they state that homosexuality is "ok" because it's natural. So what.

Related blog post:

Homosexuality occurs in nature? So what. Can I be a "black atheist" too? 

It's very true that Spencer Kimball and Boyd Packer were/are fucking perverts, as is the Pope. But, on the other hand so is my nutty gay nephew who constantly presents himself online in is underwear, and who has as a friend a convicted child abuser.

So, things ain't quite so easy to sort out as either side would have you believe.

Seeing first hand how things work can change your views. Yes it's quite true that the Mormon Church abuses children via their sexual masturbation interrogation interviews. But, there's also child abuse that happens at Stonewall centers too. Both sides are too extreme, too exclusive, too rigid, too dogmatic.

No I'm not gay. But I've been to enough gay parties & bars, and around the petty shallow stunted narcissistic friends of my nutty gay nephew to state that the "gay lifestyle" ain't all it's cracked up to be. But, don't change back to a fucking Mormon or Bible Beating Christian either - if you feel inclined to change.

And if you live a largely-abuse-free service oriented largely happy life as a gay man, that's ok too I suppose. Just don't cheat on your straight wife, get AIDS, die, and leave your family with no father. That's my advise to you.