Friday, February 20, 2015

On American exceptionalism: the left's hatred of America

As someone who was proud to bang some pots and pans when the guy was elected to office, I'm sad in some ways to admit that I generally agree with the right's criticism of the left on this point. There's far too much self hatred and America hatred on the left side of the isle.

If you hate your country too much then something else more unsavory will replace it. 

America was founded on the *basis* of the Reformation and Enlightenment. Enlightenment thinkers put Enlightenment ideals into America's founding document. 

Yes in subsequent years some less than perfect things. But not everything is equal. 

America has a more healthy birth rate.

Americans are more generally proud of their country - and that's a good thing. It means people who come here are actually drawn to something positive. If for example people come from a more oppressive culture, if there's isn't a positive cultural draw to something better, they may more readily retain the oppressive culture they're more used to (as a sort of safety blanket).

As an atheist, let me say: thank god for rural America, where there's a general counter culture to the relativism on the coasts. Not everything is equal nor relative. America is better because it's founders drew up documents directly from key Enlightenment values. Freedom of speech & therefore freedom of thought. Separation of church & state. Separation of powers. Not having direct democracy, but instead having a democratic republic. The right to bear arms - aka the right to be a Duck Dynasty person.

Liberal self hate is just as distasteful as the conservative variety. For example conservatives are upset that we're sexual animals, and that pleasure is an inherent part of sex. Liberals are upset that the reason sex exists in the first place is for reproduction. Conservatives are upset that outliers naturally exist. Liberals are upset that outliers aren't treated with "full equality," even though not everything is equal. Thus both sides are upset with the facts regarding human nature, evolution, and biology, in their own way.

Both sides question each other's motives, and refuse to realise that each side has some good faith goals. Both sides tend to be too short sided to give an inch on the key issues they care about. Fully natural human morality can and is rooted in religion, because religion is a natural phenomenon. It's so natural that two or more atheists gathered in the name of a social or political ideology can't help but form de facto religions, with belief maintenance, heresy trials, and excommunication all waiting in the wings. 

The answer to conservatism isn't full blind liberalism. Rather a key answer to human flourishing is examine what's of value from all sides. What are the facts. What ideas help humans flourish & move forward and survive. The Enlightenment yielded some key answers. And that's why America is better - because it's founding ideals are better.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And the worst of these is Islam: Foolish bleeding hearts helped birth Islamic State

Foolish naivety leads bleeding hearts to venture into Syria, while other naive leftist bleeding hearts want out of Iraq.

When these two leftie forces come together, a "perfect jihadist synergistic storm" called Islamic State is born, and it happily & easily grinds up the naive bleeding hearts which helped birth it.

US Islamic State hostage Kayla Mueller confirmed dead

I do not doubt that the work of the woman noted in the news story was "noble" in it's own way, but it was also very foolish.

Islamic State (aka Islam) doesn't care about how much you care for others. You are kafir (a non-believer / apostate) to them, and that's it.

The left helped birth Islamic State, out of foolish naivety, and a desire to just "get out" "get out" of Iraq.

The response of the left to 9/11 was to embrace the religion of the attackers, and to invite humans whose brains are tied down by the cult of Islam into our borders en masse. Then when the cult members come to America and Europe, the left does *nothing* to help free these humans from the cult they belong to. Instead they set up legal protections to limit free speech & free thought which might rock the Islamic boat.

Jim Jones
David Koresh
L. Ron Hubbard
Joseph Smith

Cult leaders all. And the worst of these is Mohamed who birthed Islam. More destructive & dangerous. More destructive to the human spirit.

Thank God for the Crusades - speaking as an atheist

Remembering "what did the Romans ever do for us" from Life of Brian.

Speaking as an atheist thank god for the Crusades. Christianity may be bad but it's a hell of a lot better than Islam.

Your average self-hating leftist today would rather kiss Allah's ass than that of Jesus.

Christianity always was better than Islam, and Christianity had a Reformation and Enlightenment. Islam has had neither! Maybe it's starting to have the beginnings of a Reformation now. But when Saudi style Islam comes to town the women go into their bags much more and Islam becomes less diverse. And also Islam is not a religion which lends itself to critical inquiry. Very few books get translated into Arabic for example. 
It almost goes without saying that the left everywhere are clueless on all these points, with the rare exception of people like Salmam Rushdie, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and so on. 9/11 liberals with a small l. But most liberals give liberalism a bad name on this issue.

Regarding Pam Geller yes she has her agenda. But in the face of Islam and it's dangers and abuses I think we should make note of useful facts wherever they come from. I'm no longer a knee-jerk righty-hater. The right is right on some issues. Isn't that what true skepticism and reason are supposed to be about? The answers don't always lie with the relativist hippie colored glasses left.