Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lives and families are destroyed by Tranny and Gay acceptance and promotion - LGBT abusive outliers are not equal

Start with 8 (children), as an ultra-hard-line Mormon family.

Later 3 get sucked into a man-hating crazy-woman-led cult. The 3 all change their last names to that of the cult leader (the Cropper cult of Logan, Utah). 1 of the 3 Cropper cult converts later decides he's gay, while still working at BYU.

More recently 1 of the 8 decides to "change" from a man to a woman (not a Cropper cult 3, but another of the 8), leaving his children homeless and a broken home.

1 commits suicide (also separate from the 3 Cropper cult ones - probably because of irritable bowel syndrome in part, and who knows why else).

What are the causes? Why all this chaos in an ultra-right ultra-hard-line Mormon family?

Here's some theories:

A. Too much cheap ground beef as a child, and too much rice and beans? Cheapy poor-person possibly-third-world style nutrition as children, for all 8.

B. Parents too strict ultra Mormon. Father very angry and sometimes violent. Mother extreme passive aggressive my way or the highway type person re being a strict Mormon.

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D. An omnipresent abusive leftist permissive culture which claims "anything goes," when it doesn't?

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E. Ultra-rightist cults can spawn new sub-cults. A woman named Cropper in Logan, Utah started.a sub-cult branched from ultra Mormonism. She hates men and does laying on of hands, and has visions where she tell her adherents that all men are evil.

Three of my brother's children were sucked into this strange sub-cult in Logan. They all changed their last names to Cropper, and they now have zero contact with my brother or anyone in my "normal" regular family.

F. Ultra-right religion can cause a worse abuse when a child or adult rebels and becomes a permissive relativist ultra leftist.

See item C for more details.

G. Memetic diseases of the left can at times be more abusive and destructive than those of the right.

Families and lives are destroyed by leftist meme sets.

H. To have all this chaos, my ultra extreme angry passive and non-passive aggressive (sometimes violent) brother and his wife have set up a meat grinder somehow. Many of their children have been fucked up and damaged by the "my way or the highway" type of upbringing.

But on the other hand permissive relativist liberalism is also a meat grinder.

In the past I had a gay uncle who turned his back on his straight family, and he died of AIDS as a result. He was a victim of both the extreme right and the extreme left.


So with the latest news that one nephew of mine just destroyed his family because he's chosen to "change" his sex: this man IS a fucking victim of moronic leftist culture which claims that whatever damn fool thing pops into your head should be acted upon.

A marriage and family, destroyed.

Two wonderful little girls, ages 4 and 1, out on the street.

Permissive gay and tranny accepting leftist culture IS to blame for this! But so are his  my way or the highway parents, AS IS anti-heathy-sex Mormonism.

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Open ended acceptance of all things ,LGBT results in the destruction of lives! Bruce Jenner for example is a moron who's also a victim of permissive leftistism.

My uncle who jumped from ultra conservative Manti, Utah style Mormonism  to San Francisco put your John Thomas in a glory hole liberalism was a fool and a victim of both the left and the right.

My longer standing pedophile-friend-accepting gay nephew is s victim of the anti-masturbation anti-positive sex Mormonism, AND permissive leftistism.

My newly transgender nephew and his children and his now destroyed family are victims of the meat grinder nature of his patents' ultra conservative strict angry violent Mormonism, and also of permissive relativist leftistism.

Lives are destroyed by ultra rightism and ultra leftistism. A ping pong game that grinds people down to dust.



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