Sunday, March 1, 2015

Liberal Fascism: Leftism apologies for, and actually generates (via hate), sadistic killers like Mohammed Emwazi

The favorite preacher of Mohammed Emwazi came from Harlem.

Listen to the general tone of the man:

Sounds a lot like Jeremiah Wright, the Obama's preacher:

The left in general isn't particularly proud of America:

Hatred in Harlem leads to Hatred in Syria & a young Londoner being keyed into leftist-hate. Mohammed Emwazi is leftist hate made manifest.

Asim Qureshi on Emwazi:
...the humble and gentle soon to be socipathic sadistic murderer.

Qureshi blames it all on the UK security services - which is of course bullshit.

A general response from Douglas Murray to Qureshi:
Douglas Murray Owns Asim Qureshi: Jihadi Treason Law

And more good responses:
Douglas Murray & Maryam Namazie Destroy the Pro-Islamist Left

Leftism apologies for, and actually generates (via hate), sadistic killers.

The left helped birth Mohammed Emwazi. Self hate. Hate in general. Tribal hatred. Ancestral hatred. Revenge. From black Harlem culture in America to West London, and then to beheadings in Syria. Leftist hate is nearly as destructive as rightiest hate. Ultra-right neonazies certainly do deserved to be quelled. But ultra-left nazis do also (ie: locked up and/or deported).

The left's support for tyranny - The left and Islamism

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