Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Leaving the Fascist Marxist Left

As per Berkeley, the fascism is on the left now. And really it always was. Name of the Nazi party: National Socialist German Workers. Thus a left spectrum endeavor.

Marxists and fascists only differ regarding the groups they love & the groups they hate. Group rights. Group blames. A hierarchy of group rights and group blames. Neither are conservative based ideologies.

Up until very recently, smart people on 'the left' defended free speech. Those (now increasingly vanishing & very hard to find) 'smart people' have been fully sidelined and silenced by mobs of entitled jack booted brownshirted moron proto-nazi youth.
In response, many are leaving the fascist Marxist left. Waking up from the cult. Milo attracts many such people. Trump also.

Dave Rubin and Gad Saad and Dennis Prager are generally helping. Mark Steyn. Douglas Murray. Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Also the people Saad and Rubin tend to interview.

All people referenced including Trump are implicitly or explicitly Western Enlightenment advocates, and America is they best cradle of Enlightenment values.

The Berkeley Brownshirted fascist-Marxists are violent. The angry traitorous seditious beta males and violent SJW lesbians. So the gays are involved in the war also.

Free speech wars (Rubin):

Leaving the left (Rubin):

Fighting social constructivism (aka reheated denialist abusive fact-free Marxism) on campus:

Saad with Michael Rectenwald:

Saad with Philip Carl Salzman:

Elbert Guillory on the current fascist left:

Examples of the fascist left:
...people were also beaten unconscious, clubbed with bats, and maced. And there was over $100,000 in property damage. One of the fascist groups involved:
Another: Berkeley antifa. Brownshirt leftists. The Nazi Youth, of today.

My Journey to Conservatism:

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