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The Problems with Hillary Clinton

The problems with Hillary Clinton:

Like racism? In a Democrat controlled world, your race equals your identity, and your views, and what rights you have and don't have, what you get to say or don't say, whom you get to criticize and not criticize.

Identity politics, and nothing else.

Racist racism, from the regressive left - which is *all* the left is nowadays, regressive.

So Vote For Her, if you want this, permanently, in America. And if she wins, well I just be joinin' all the other white folk so we can be in the "White Wing" of the Democrat party. We'll be down the list quite a bit, on the list of group-rights. Down toward the bottom, just above ex-Muslims.

There is argumentum ad hominem. Sometimes the shoe fits and thus argumentation to the person isn't always a fallacy as such, especially when the person in question is slimy repeated rapist & etc. Recently my views on the value of Alex Jones & his network & presence have changed mostly completely.

There's people in power, people who want to stay in power. They'll do pretty much anything to stay in power.

The Europe of the 70s - more nice.

The Europe of today: a disaster, nor a clarion of freedom. If you speak your mind, you will be ejected from your job & polite society, and you may be jailed. Also low birth rates in Europe are essentially a form of slow motion suicide. Europe is importing a medieval savage culture into their midst. Rape gangs in Cologne. Mass rape elsewhere. And if you're a 'native' European and you complain, you risk loosing your job & being otherwise slimed by everyone, and possibly jailed. Tell the truth, go to jail. This is Europe today. Geert Wilders. But now just the common Joe Schmoe can get locked up for speaking the truth. Not an idea society in several ways.

In my past naivete I saw socialism as ideal - but to get there you basically need a type of totalitarianism. The Mommy State which knows all & which does all. The Mommy State which replaces family & personal responsibility. And the Mommy State which decides which speech & thought is appropriate, and which speech & thought must be banned.

MSNBC has a constant drum beat. But it's a drum beat also taken up by banal & boring sites like the BBC & the PBS Newshour. The 'status quo' drumbeat which serves to keep the establishment cronies in power.

When a President is/was a rapist, and all the Newshour & CNN & MSNBC can do is engage in sociopathic evaluations which treat politics like a football game & so on, and when they show their clear bias by not addressing stories which cast shadows on their favored leaders - that's a problem.

There is a new phenomenon called the 'regressive left.'

Most of the left, the type which calls out people for being Islamophobic & so on, they *are* the cultural left nowadays. The types which have setup social hierarchies based on every imaginable category, with Caucasian males being near the bottom of that list. The current perceived & apparent hierarchy:

1. Muslims, and especially hijab/burqa wearing Saudi style Muslims.
2. "Childfree" third wave feminists with blue hair.
3. The gender dysphoric (transexuals).
4. The sexual orientation dysphoric (aka gays).
5. Mexicans.
6. 'Native' Americans AKA Amerindians.
7. Leftist black women.
8. Leftist black men.
9. Leftist white women.
10. Conservative black women.
11. Conservative black men.
12. Asian men & women.
13. Conservative white women.
14. Leftist white men.
15. Conservative white men.
16. Ex-Muslims.

What prompted me to change from a liberal socialist Democrat to an alternative-conservative:

Step 1, while still a leftist: Exposure to the ideas of Christopher Hitchens, a guy who spent much of his life questioning dominant paradigms. Eventually his basic human morality came at odds with the relativism of the left. So, he supported the war in Iraq & the Kurds, because he thought it was simply the moral thing to do, leftist peacenik politics be damned. He for his heresy, he was ejected from the 'polite society left.'

Step 2, while still a leftist: Exposure to intriguing info from Richard Dawkins (about memes), Daniel Dennett (how meme sets called religions are fully natural phenomena), and Steven Pinker (how humans are not 'blank slates.').

Step 3, viewing leftist Islamophilia and outright lies about Islam.
...but the UU position is fully illustrative of how the entire left acts, except for a few lonelies like Sam Harris.

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." incredible betrayal of the ideals of the Enlightenment which helped to found America.

Step 4, marrying a socially conservative atheist from China who has zero connection to the Bible, Quran, or Book of Mormon. Where does rural Chinese social conservatism come from? From human nature. From evolution. Evolved traits.

Hippie 'scientists' love the permissive traits, but they then fully discount ingrained natural conservative ones.

Dawkins wrote a book about how Darwin had a 'dangerous idea.' Dennett had one also, regarding religion being a natural phenomenon - a fact which cuts several ways. One way it cuts is that fully natural & sometimes highly useful evolved moral codes can be and are couched within religious contexts. Hard thing for an ex-Mormon with a chip on his shoulder to admit.

Step 5, after taking an Alice in Wonderland style social journey through much of what the left has to offer (eg: nudist clubs, polyamory clubs, gay bars & parties, general over-permissiveness & relativism) I came to conclude that the cultural left basically denies human evolutionary history and basic biology just as much as the right does, and probably more - because at least the cultural right f-ing breeds.

Step 6, observing what happened with Hebdo (cartoonists killed) & Garland (winning ex-Muslim cartoonist almost killed), and with Obama and the establishment left's basic lying about Islam, I finally started to check out 'the right.' Not the religious right, but rather the libertarian and intellectual right - as currently portrayed and represented by people who're here today.

Douglas Murray, essentially a gay neocon. Tells the truth about Islam. A questioner of dominant paradigms.

Mark Steyn, who occasionally subs for Rush Limbaugh -
Tells the truth about Islam & other topics. A questioner of dominant paradigms.

I already knew about Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Theo Van Gogh. But it's worth making note that Ayaan is hosted in America by the American Enterprise Institute. Which leftist organization has the back of Ayaan & people like her? None, and that's telling.

Bosch Fawstin, the ex-Muslim winner of the Draw Mohamed Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, the one where two Muslim people tried to kill people there. Bosch is an appreciator of Ayn Rand. The people who hosted the event also like Rand: Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.

Step 7, checking out more libertarian and conservative thought & news & views. For the first time ever opening myself up to the entirety of what's out there on the right. I was raised as a Democrat by a Democrat Mormon father. He loved Bill Clinton & Carter. He hated Reagan & Nixon. And I followed in his footsteps. But for the first time I stopped assuming that everything on the right was inherently bogus.

Step 8, finding Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative who sees high utilitarian value in Trump. Before encountering Milo I believed the basic establishment conservative (National Review) lie about Trump, that he's supposedly a shill for Hillary - a way to block other Republicans & to ensure that Hillary gets elected.

The interview that first swayed me to Trump's camp, between Milo & Dave Rubin:

Step 9, I allowed to fall away the last vestiges of being a leftist, by allowing myself to see high value in Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

The only reason Rush has a voice & is popular, is because most of the establishment media aren't acting like fair journalists.

Wouldn't it be good if everyone thought like 'the left?' Such a result does not allow for proper selection within human societies. Single party rule excludes healthy selection (selection as is in natural selection). And when journalists are essentially shills and tools & propagandists for everything leftist, they cease being journalists. This is why Rush is so popular, because he can spend 3 hours every day making note of example after example.

As for Fox News, I particularly enjoy Sean Hannity's program, and also his talk radio show.

Step 10, don't forget about Andrew Breitbart, a man who stated that Christopher Hitchens helped make him the man he became:

To actually see if our suppositions are correct, there's needs to be a cogent and coherent and powerful opposition. Not every idea that pops into the head of a 'childfree' blue haired third wave feminist lesbian will help humanity survive & thrive & be happy.

What is the 'alt right?'

Part 1: A response to the big-money big-bank crony-whore-rooted betrayal of people who're on the right.

Part 2: Former leftists who've had it with the slow motion suicide policies of the left, the anti-freedom, anti-science, anti-intellectual inquiry, lies, deceptions, Islamophilia, 'childfree' status worshiping, and cronyism on the left.

Cackling Hillary thinks the 'alt right' is, well, I don't know what she really thinks because she's got as many faces as Sybil. Her pandering politician side claims the 'alt right' is fully equal to the ideas of David Duke. And Bill Clinton thinks that the core of Trump supporters are 'red necks.' Either they don't know, or they're just trying to virtue signal to get votes.

No one ever hears about David Duke, until every 4 years Republicans must disavow him. But when shall leftists be required to disavow their outlier nuts?

The near entirely of Milo's channel is a great trove of info regarding why exactly intelligent young people, and some older ones, see high utilitarian value in overturning the apple cart of the crony left & the crony right - AKA electing Trump & doing other related tasks.

Bathing in pigs blood.

Showing up as Ivanna Wall (I wan't a wall) drag queen.

Stating exactly why 'feminism is cancer,' and why 'Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.'

What if some precepts in leftist doctrine are in fact incorrect & hurtful. When we claim that our beliefs are not falsifiable, we're in a religion.

Wife of Bill called Milo & Breitbart out for the above quoted headlines. But, the left appears to have no tolerance for a.) nuance, and b.) ironic comedy, and c.) actually bothering to check why a person would say such a thing, and d.) are the roots of such claims based in science?

Sloganeering, and sliming people who spout views which don't tow the leftist party line. That's what a religion does, and it's what the left & the Clintons do. The basket of deplorables. Argumentum ad hominem - in a bad way which is a fallacy.

As for the Clintons, they have plenty of self generated slime.

Only Breitbart recently & fully interviewed the victims of Bill:

Hannity did follow up more recently though:

Trump has honorably given these victims of Bill & Hillary a proper voice:

Milo's main concern, and mine, are that Wife of Bill will reduce key freedoms in America. Vanderbilt talking about this:

Who's got the back of gays in America, threatened with death by Muslims? The politicians who lie & claim that such attacks have nothing to do with Islam?

I know Sam Harris doesn't like Trump nor Milo. Harris is essentially a very lonely leftist, and he's also rather myopic. Sam wishes the left would be honest about Islam, but it won't be.

Nuance from Milo:

1. The achievements of feminism were generally good, but third wave feminism is evil & abusive.

2. The achievements of civil rights campaigners in the past were good. But now that all the victories have been one, the left still has the righteous desire to keep fighting. To do so they must invent new categories of groups which 'need rights.'

Hillary and her drones will never understand the above points though.

Islam generates ruin. When will Bernie & Obama be stating that fact?

The schemers scheme in their back rooms & think tanks. They use one face in public & another in private. They use 'virtue signaling' as a means of claiming to be a great crusader for 'social justice,' while really being vacuous plastic wastrels (and real rapists) in reality.

Trump doesn't do that, from what we can tell - and that's another reason why some highly appreciate his tone & value.

Journalism is dead. You have to pick your side. I decided to stop listening the side which sides with the Islamic death cult, and the side which loves slow motion suicide, and the side which has an abusive hierarchy of group-rights which puts people like me near the bottom. 'Native' Amercians would never be allowed to be invaded & destroyed in today's world. But 'Native' Europeans? No problem. And there's many other problems with group-rights hierarchies and identity politics.

I probably aspire to the conservatism Jonathan Haidt mentions, with more equal alliance to Care, Fairness, Liberty, Loyalty, Authority, and Sanctity. The Sanctity of life, not the Sanctity of sacred cows. Loyalty to the Enlightenment and Enlightenment principles. The Authority of the Rule of Law. Care, but not through the Dole because the Dole helps no one mostly. Fairness, but not 'social justice.' Fairness through a fairness of opportunity - but not opportunity at the cost of group rights hierarchies nor identity politics.

A further summary I wrote:

Back to Sam Harris: I think he's a poor quality scientist, a hack at philosophy, myopic on politics, a drug addled wannabe Buddhist-style guru, and a new vegetarian who's fully placed himself on the road to probable Parkinson's (Robin Williams RIP). And I disagree with Harris on circumcision:

The fact that Glenn Beck hates Trump, makes me want to vote for Trump.

The fact that the regressive left hates Trump, makes me want to vote for Trump.

The fact that the establishment right hates Trump, makes me want to vote for Trump.

The fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist and that his wife slimed Bill's victims, makes me want to vote for Trump.

Reference materials, perhaps a library near us:

Clinton Cash:

Clinton Cash Graphic Novel - now at the City library thanks to my suggesting that they buy it:
...the pay to play schemes of the Clintons makes me want to vote for Trump.

Hillary's health issues, makes me want to vote for Trump.

Milo speaking after the Orlando massacre:
...makes me want to vote for Trump.

The writings of Roger Stone
...prompt me to be inclined to vote for Trump.

Oh, and Asians rank lower than Mexicans and blacks on the hierarchy:

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