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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Leftist Charlatan Virtue Signalers Want Your Money

The de facto religions of the left, and the charlatan leaders of these cults, want your money.

The Clintons

Al Gore

Al Sharpton

Climate Change Hysterical Whores
The Stonewall Warriors and the Outlier-Rights whore groups
Planned Parenthood systematic poor & black person killing org.

All these virtue signalling leftist cult leaders & charlatan groups, want your money.

Historically religious charlatans would set up tents, and they'd say to the assembled crowd: "I am the most moral, give me your money."

Virtue signalling as a means of enhancing cash flow.

Yes there is good human morality. But the cultural left shows they have zero association with good morality.

For years virtue signalling leftists essentially sucked the John Thomas of rapist Bill Clinton.

Then Friend of Bill Al Gore found a way to use his own type of charlatanry as a means of getting cash.

While leftists support the 'right' to be a non-reproductive outlier, and to have such outliers shove their own implements right down the mouths of the normal inherently-reproductive people, well they also want cash in association with their lying cheating virtue signalling. Normal women & girls & families, to the f-ing back of the bus with these wastrels.

Redpill, from charlatans who want your money, and who use moralistic virtue signalling as a means of getting cash.

Yes there's good human morality, and that morality indicates that calling out f-ing cheaters is a damn useful activity.

October 11, 2017


'Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Neil deGrasse Tyson: Priests in the Cult of Climate Hysteria'

'Choose Life! Reject the violent fascist marxist racist enslaving death cult of the left'

'Leftist atheists want into your bedroom far more than the right! Evolved morality is couched within religious contexts. An open letter to 'New Atheists,' such as Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, and others. Also to: The Atheism Plus crowd. Atheists of Utah. Atheist Community of Austin. Unitarian Universalist 'humanist' groups. To all these.'

'Banned from a conservative atheists facebook group: conservatives who aren't conservative.'

'The Batons of Christopher Hitchens; The natural underpinnings of social conservatism; Jordan Peterson's work'

'Leaving the Fascist Marxist Left'

'The Western Enlightenment versus Democrat leftist slavery'

'Trump versus Hillary: Trump had better Be the Republic!'

'The Problems with Hillary Clinton'

'My Journey to Conservatism'

Monday, October 2, 2017

Choose Life! Reject the violent fascist marxist racist enslaving death cult of the left.

Choose Life! Reject the violent fascist marxist racist enslaving death cult of the left.

(link to video: )

Redpill and recover from the violent fascist marxist left. I redpilled from Clinton appreciation, from Obama appreciation, and from being a Democrat. Now I'm essentially a socially conservative small L libertarian. A pragmatic pro-freedom truth teller.

Choose Life.

Choose, to have a family, the 1.2 billion year evolved kind.

Choose, to be the master of your own destiny rather than to rely on the mommy & daddy socialist-ponzi-scheme State.

Call out, liars and cheaters.

Choose Life instead!

Promote, the value of the Western Enlightenment project, of which America is the best and most faithful example.

1. The wastrel dumbshits of Antifa, come to Utah. Their psychopathic tendencies, exposed:

2. Leaving the Fascist Marxist Left - February 2017

3. A related open letter, to Harald - September 2017

Posted October 2, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Batons of Christopher Hitchens; The natural underpinnings of social conservatism; Jordan Peterson's work

Recently I engaged in a debate with a muckety muck in the Church of Sam Harris regarding Jordan Peterson. The man is highly upset at my 'slander' regarding Harris.

Some people fancy themselves as the quintessential sons-of-Christopher-Hitchens. They have their profile photos permanently set as a cartoon of a cigarette smoking Hitch, and they never change that photo to something else, ever.

From my perspective the batons of Hitch have passed to several people, and several of those people are on the current right-side of the political spectrum, much the chagrin of fervent Church of Harris believers.

Partial list of people who've been the recipients of a Hitchian baton: Andrew Breitbart, Douglas Murray, Mark Steyn, Gad Saad, and even Dinesh D'Souza.

List of people who're traitors to the legacy of Hitch: Sam Harris; Church of Sam Harris priests who get upset at 'slander' against Harris; and all atheists who voted for Her.

One person interviewed by Saad is Jordan Peterson. Peterson recently engaged in a discussion with Harris, and Harris could not wrap his brain around what Peterson was saying. Understandable for more reasons than one.

Peterson speaks valuably against social constructivism and Marxism (as does Saad). He also speaks valuably regarding the nuclear bomb level impact of artificial birth control upon the human animal. And even before I heard of Peterson, I wrote the exact same type of thing.

Regarding Peterson's religiospeak, it's important (and mostly required) to interpret the totality of it within an enlightened naturalistic framework.

Dennett's 'dangerous' idea regarding religion being natural cuts several ways. One way it cuts is that fully evolved human moral codes are couched within religious contexts. Another is that every single syllable emitted from the vocal orifice of Jordan Peterson needs to be interpreted within context.

A highly valuable project: more accurately (and without leftist SJW prejudice) describing the inherent, evolved, and high value to enlightened social conservatism, and naturalistically articulate evolutionary psychology.

Peterson approaches such a merging more than Gad Saad, in his own way Petersonian way.

Thus a great thanks to Peterson for opposing Marxism and social constructivism, on campus and off. And thanks to him for revolutionarily speaking the truth regarding one specific concern of social conservatives (widely available artificial birth control).

Valuable and fully natural scientific work.


The Harrisian (Sam Harris and his aficionados) brain has problems grasping many things. For example:

1.) That free will fully exists within the human animal, in a natural, reasonably adequate, and compatiblist sense. Dennett is right. Harris is a myopic hack on this front.

2.) That consciousness is not an ineffable humming glow.

3.) That male circumcision is highly abhorrent.

4.) That there was high utilitarian value to voting for Trump.

5.) That voting for Hillary was a huge betrayal to the legacy of Hitch. The crooked racketeering Team Rape versus a pro-American and thus pro-Enlightenment good-hearted businessman who used His Own Money to block the raping racketeering Clintons.

Also Harris engaged in malpractice regarding his psychological diagnosis of Trump, one which was petty, shallow, moronic, analy retentive, boring, stupid, and obtuse - and fully on par with most Harrisian projects and pronouncements.

So thanks to Peterson, Gad Saad, and others.

Saad is a social liberal. Peterson seems to be a moderate. When more scientists get some balls and brain cells, and finally see value to fully evolved social conservatism, then there'll be progress. But until then, the pro-eugenics pro-death nihilistic hacks aren't scientists but rather they're just worse than worthless nihilists.

At least Saad is willing to entertain conservative ideas without becoming an utter nutter. And Peterson is closer to the truth of the evolved situation, in his own Petersonian way.

What evolutionary process is involved when decidedly childfree denialist abusively permissive SJW leftists just want want want to import admittedly also abusive Muslims to breed on their behalf?

The SJW children of let-it-all-hang-out 60s hippies love forcibly-hijabbed women and abusive Islamic Puritanism and Islamic large families.


Yes Islam warps natural evolved processes in highly wrong headed ways.

A better course would be for children of the Enlightenment to wake up, reject baby killing and artificial birth control, and breed themselves rather than to import rapey barbarian savages to breed on their behalf.

In any case Harrisian logic is rather like a weak cog in a half baked pie, to mix a metaphor. Krausian logic isn't any better by the way.


Excerpts from an exchange with a Church of Harris priest (COHP) on all the above:

"Peterson's ideas are only valuable inasmuch as one is willing to take his epistemologically foolhardy presuppositions for granted."

My response:

Hardly. No more than one must assume the god believer does everything in his life >because< his god is a 100% actual fact, as opposed to a perceived fact - one which exists within the required/knowledge support structure of the meme-gene system in which he exists.

Why do people do the things they do? A combination of biology, biological history, genes and memes, which all inseparably play off each other.

Biology, evolution, life, and ideas which are rooted in various aspects of being alive, and a processing machine which can (by happenstance and not) be used for other purposes also. But even those other purposes tie into the fundamentals of existence.

For example the mathematician and physicist usually want humanity to survive, and they can be driven to use their realms of knowledge for fully biological-imperative type purposes.

How does the world work, and thus by extension how do humans work.

Peterson is concerned about what happens when humans toss the baby of morality with the bath water of religion.

Since religion is a fully natural memetic-encasement of evolved morality, it's reasonable to add 'evolved' as a preface word to the terms 'religion' and 'morality.'

COHP: "Again, his epistemology is predicated on an exceptionally precarious conceptual foundation"


It's a fundamental fallacy and also myopic to assume that expressed-views are only valid if the person expressing them can articulately state a reasonable fully-scoped foundation for those views.

Peterson uses religiospeak which must be taken within a naturalistic context. There's no other context which is reasonable. And a lack of understanding on the part of the naturalistic evaluator can lead to fundamentally flawed conclusions.

Aside from the terms he uses, Peterson has concerns about the state of humanity, concerns which do directly relate to Dennett's dangerous idea regarding religion being natural, Peterson's concerns are highly relevant, telling, and apparently factual.

The baby of evolved human morality tossed with the bath water of evolved and fully natural mysticism.

There's big costs and impacts.

COHP: "His entire philosophy collapses beneath the weight of its own incoherence."


He seems pretty coherent to me. His concerns are highly valid and valuable to make note of.

The memetic bathtub he's in is interesting and nuanced, and must and can only be understood within an enlightened naturalistic context.

COHP: "an epistemology anchored to an ontological fact is conceptually unsustainable."


How does the world work.

How do humans work.

What is human nature.

Why do humans do what they do.

Why are we here.

How can we survive.

The noob atheist, the rebellious leftist and weed smoking libertarian, all assume that without (the concept of) a god everything is permitted. Such people, and their abusively permissive and denialist meme sets, simply do not understand how the world and humans work.

COHP: "It's based on essentially circular logic"

You're stuck in the weeds of philosophical word games and forced paths which fully fail to understand what's going on, with Peterson and with religious believers in general.

Idea sets which are inadequately contextualized need not be 100% self consistent nor 100% 'reasonable' to be 'valid.' 'Valid' meaning having naturalistic causes, and meme sets which can result in reasonable naturalistically-rephrased ideas and natural material useful facts.

As for circularity, humans are evolved animals, and many aspects of human nature circle back to this fact and the general facts of how the human animal works.

COHP: "any truth claim he makes atop that foundation instantly fails."


...only for those who lack a fully contextualized and enlightened materialistic understanding of what's going on.

COHP: "It's important that one's conception of truth can at least sustain itself."


Religions do sustain themselves via and for natural reasons.

COHP: "Peterson's truth eats its own tail in a million different ways."


Not that I've seen. And the truths within religions need to, and can only be, properly understood within natural contexts.

COHP: "If his definition of truth ultimately leads to the extinction of the human race..."


He wants us to survive, and rightly so.

COHP: "...does that mean that it was never true?"


Properly contextualized truth, yes.

COHP: "It makes absolutely no sense."


He makes sense to me.

Marxism: Peterson observed highly negative impacts. He doesn't like what he saw. He doesn't want a repeat.

One of Peterson's points is that rejecting traditional religion can lead to errors in thinking, and to incredibly high levels of abusiveness, denialisms, and moronity, as was and is the case with Marxism. The utter stupidity continues on campus today.

COHP: "The soviet union"


...was an anti-human-nature identitarian leftist utopian totalitarian evil corrosive human spirit destroying dead-end endeavor. Peterson knows this.

COHP: "It was the result of disillusionment in the church..."


...which led to something far worse. And the Soviet Union was a de facto religion, as is Marxism.

Visit most any atheist (or humanist or Unitarian Universalist) group in America.

State to them that you enjoy Duck Dynasty, and that you're a pro-life anti-gay-"marriage" atheist. See how long it takes for them to boot you: faster than a Mormon Bishop. A de facto religion with dogma, doctrines, heresy trials, and excommunication.

COHP: "Most Nazis were devout Christians."


Fascism is a left spectrum endeavor. National Socialism.

There is identitarianism in both Marxism and fascism. Group rights and group blames. Utopianism. De facto eugenics. Racism. Dogmas. Doctrines. Heresy trials.

Yes I see that Communism/Marxism and fascism all have corrosive tribalistic elements and religious ones too. Peterson rightly points out negative impacts.

COHP: "You've COMPLETELY misconstrued Dennett..."


Many hours listening to Dennett.

COHP: "Sam's positions."



Harris is a myopic hack.

...on many fronts.

No Hitch-honoring Hitch-appreciator could or ever would vote for a Clinton.

The micro differentiations between spandrels and other effects are weedy sticky mud, regarding arguing about differences between what's one and what another. False choices based on myopathy. Why? Because here's the situation as previously noted:

Religion is a natural phenomenon which couches evolved traits.

There's synergies between memes and genes.

Not all religions are equal regarding positive and negative impacts.

Harrisian woo (Chamlers and Harris):

Harris didn't learn from:

Gad Saad.
Jordan Peterson.
Me, whom he censored.

------------------------------------------------------------ end of quote of direct exchange

Am I a quintessential 'son of Hitch?' Hitch isn't more important than my family & I don't claim he was correct on all issues. During his tenure I was partially swayed to the pro-Iraq-war side, but now I'm much more skeptical regarding the value of it. Moron Bush and even-worse moron Obama screwed up the place big time.

Time for Trumpian pragmatism now. But Hitch did free many brains from dogma, especially from leftist dogma.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Today, I am grabbing life by the pussy. And I want my golden shower.

Today, I am grabbing life by the pussy. And I want my golden shower.

It's worth noting how & why these stories came to light (pussy grabbing, and golden showers):

DEFLECTIONS from the raping ways of Bill Clinton. Smoke, designed to defect from where the true problem lies.

"...they let you do it..." Hollywood starlets do use their bodies as a means of getting ahead. Trump was commenting on that state of affairs in what he thought was an off the record joking conversation.

Whereas, here's a list of women which didn't give consent to Bill:

As for Michelle Obama being teary eyed about mention of pussy grabbing, does rap music get her upset also? How about Pussy Control by Prince?

And what about Mrs. Slocombe's pussy?
...from the British comedy 'Are You Being Service?'

Does plastic hypocrite moron Michelle Obama get upset these? And does Bill & Hillary get her upset also - you know, Team Rape?

So, the smoke keeps blowing from the left, and the left continues to ignore the real crimes of Bill.

This singular highly useful man helped free me from the Cult of Clinton: - Christopher Hitchens.

I voted for Obama twice. I was a chump. My memories of Hitch and other still present people helped me wake up from that (Obama appreciation) stupid dream as well.

Thank the good parts of human nature, and the great legacy of the Enlightenment, that Trump won.

As for the Enlightenment values which founded America, Obama & the Clintons are no friends to those values.



Why it was good that Trump won:

So I'm all for grabbing life, by the generally consenting & happy pussy. And golden showers are fun for some. But these frolicking romps are a.) not crimes, and b.) they're nothing compared to the real crimes of Bill.

Don't let Democrat smoke distract from where the real crimes lie. And Bill's raping ways are just the tip of the Democrat/Clinton-crime pile (eg: pay to play racketeering, having an illegal home server w/classified info, and on and on).

Friday, November 4, 2016

Trump versus Hillary: Trump had better Be the Republic!

Trump had better be the Republic, as per very excellent evaluations by Pat Condell, Camille Paglia, Michael Moore's evaluation of why good people have good reasons to support Trump, Sebastian Gorka, Peter Thiel, James Kallstrom, and de facto Christopher Hitchens.

What may have seemed a 'farce' is actually a right-heated blue-collar-values rich guy trying to keep a couple of dirty raping crooks out of the White House. Using his own money to do so, versus the money of the global elite & non-free foreign countries.

The actual face is the state of the American old establishment media. The sociopaths who took little notice of the raping ways of the Clintons in the first instance, and who've played cover for them time & after time. Cover for a crime family.

'Advantages' of Hillary:

1. Maintaining the Obama status quo, where America 'leads from behind.'

2. Maintaining full funding for Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.

Disadvantages of Hillary:

1. Maintaining the Obama status quo, where America 'leads from behind.' Islamic State was birthed with the help of Obama & Hillary.

2. Maintaining full funding for Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. Up to 4 Supreme Court justices may be appointed by Hillary.

3. Hillary got the rapist of a 12 year old off the hook. Victim left in a coma for 5 days, and sterile.

4. Being a rape enabling wife who slut shamed the victims of Bill.

5. Pay to play whoring (whoring out the public trust that is) at the Department of State & elsewhere.

6. Classified information mishandling, illegal deletion, and deletion after receiving a subpoena.

7. Leftists are already attempting to destroy the 1st and 2nd Amendments. The 1st amendment is under attack at virtually all college campuses, and leftist-run cam. Why is the 2nd Amendment of value? Because it allows the citizenry to protect themselves against terrorists and unhinged psychopaths. Europe is toothless and impotent. Violent people there just mow right over whomever they want and shoot whomever they want

8. Selling us out for personal gain. One example:

Uranium One

Advantages of Trump:

1. Working to overthrow the corrupt left-right Establishment.

2. Working to overthrow the all the 'old media' which is part of the Establishment, the establishment which lies every day about conservatives in this country.

3. The people who support Trump, and who state why there's damn good reasons to support him.

Milo lays out the case for Trump:
[The interview which swayed me to Trump:]

Hitchens de facto lays out the case for Trump:

'Former FBI Asst Director James Kallstrom endorses Donald J Trump' TV interview:

Michael Moore, explains why good people have good reasons to support Trump:

From Sebastian Gorka (recent replayable podcast vid):

Peter Thiel:

Quote from article:

Paglia says she has absolutely no idea how the election will go: ‘But people want change and they’re sick of the establishment — so you get this great popular surge, like you had one as well… This idea that Trump represents such a threat to western civilization — it’s often predicted about presidents and nothing ever happens — yet if Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media. It would be an incredible release of energy… at a moment of international tension and crisis.’

---end of quote

Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside

4. Trump advocates for blue collar values, and even for the value of Vocational Education - something my father spent his life also advocating for. Mentioned during this speech by Trump:

Also I remember when Ross Perot talked about the 'great sucking sound' that comes from unequal trade deals. The Bushs and the Clintons are *for* globalist trade which hurts American workers.

At BYU they tried to teach me the value of such economics, dogmatically. But such deals run counter to the traditional Democrat values of my father, yet again.

Wall Street bankers and globalists have no problem with raping the American worker & shipping our jobs overseas. People like the Clintons use identitarian virtue signalling as a means of hoodwinking leftists into supporting them, while simultaneously being nothing more than corporatist globalist whores.


When it comes to the Clintons, the snarling watchdogs of the media — whose freedom to scrutinize the powerful was enshrined in the First Amendment by the Founding Fathers — are as menacing as a backyard full of puppies. They say that criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Voters must decide if they will send the Clinton crime family back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A borderless country = no country.

Like Mexican drug gangs & mass killings in secret graves in the hinterland? They'll be here even more with the mostly-borderless status quo or with an even more open border.

Want more Orlando & 9/11 & San Bernardo mass slayings, in the name of the prophet of Islam (SBUM - poop be upon him)? Import more Islam people.

The 'way of Europe' in these matters is a form of suicide.

Want Cologne-style mass rapes in America? Import more Islamic people.

At least in America we have the 2nd Amendment, an amendment which helps protect the 1st. In toothless impotent Europe, the common citizenry gets to lay back and be raped by the immigrants - and when they are raped, the police & politicians actively hide the truth regarding who's doing the raping. Thus Brexit was born.

America was founded on Enlightenment principles: the freedom to question (& lampoon) *all* ideas. Doesn't mean all ideas are of equal value. But we won't know in the first place unless 100% freedom of speech exists.

Want the Enlightenment to continue? Vote Trump.

Want a rape-enabling crooked pay-to-play sociopathic damaged plastic soulless harlot in as our President? Then Vote for Her.

Disadvantages of Trump (if he wins):

1. The crony sociopathic whores get *less* control. The globalist elite get to make *less* money.

Drain the swamp.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Problems with Hillary Clinton

The problems with Hillary Clinton:

Like racism? In a Democrat controlled world, your race equals your identity, and your views, and what rights you have and don't have, what you get to say or don't say, whom you get to criticize and not criticize.

Identity politics, and nothing else.

Racist racism, from the regressive left - which is *all* the left is nowadays, regressive.

So Vote For Her, if you want this, permanently, in America. And if she wins, well I just be joinin' all the other white folk so we can be in the "White Wing" of the Democrat party. We'll be down the list quite a bit, on the list of group-rights. Down toward the bottom, just above ex-Muslims.

There is argumentum ad hominem. Sometimes the shoe fits and thus argumentation to the person isn't always a fallacy as such, especially when the person in question is slimy repeated rapist & etc. Recently my views on the value of Alex Jones & his network & presence have changed mostly completely.

There's people in power, people who want to stay in power. They'll do pretty much anything to stay in power.

The Europe of the 70s - more nice.

The Europe of today: a disaster, nor a clarion of freedom. If you speak your mind, you will be ejected from your job & polite society, and you may be jailed. Also low birth rates in Europe are essentially a form of slow motion suicide. Europe is importing a medieval savage culture into their midst. Rape gangs in Cologne. Mass rape elsewhere. And if you're a 'native' European and you complain, you risk loosing your job & being otherwise slimed by everyone, and possibly jailed. Tell the truth, go to jail. This is Europe today. Geert Wilders. But now just the common Joe Schmoe can get locked up for speaking the truth. Not an idea society in several ways.

In my past naivete I saw socialism as ideal - but to get there you basically need a type of totalitarianism. The Mommy State which knows all & which does all. The Mommy State which replaces family & personal responsibility. And the Mommy State which decides which speech & thought is appropriate, and which speech & thought must be banned.

MSNBC has a constant drum beat. But it's a drum beat also taken up by banal & boring sites like the BBC & the PBS Newshour. The 'status quo' drumbeat which serves to keep the establishment cronies in power.

When a President is/was a rapist, and all the Newshour & CNN & MSNBC can do is engage in sociopathic evaluations which treat politics like a football game & so on, and when they show their clear bias by not addressing stories which cast shadows on their favored leaders - that's a problem.

There is a new phenomenon called the 'regressive left.'

Most of the left, the type which calls out people for being Islamophobic & so on, they *are* the cultural left nowadays. The types which have setup social hierarchies based on every imaginable category, with Caucasian males being near the bottom of that list. The current perceived & apparent hierarchy:

1. Muslims, and especially hijab/burqa wearing Saudi style Muslims.
2. "Childfree" third wave feminists with blue hair.
3. The gender dysphoric (transexuals).
4. The sexual orientation dysphoric (aka gays).
5. Mexicans.
6. 'Native' Americans AKA Amerindians.
7. Leftist black women.
8. Leftist black men.
9. Leftist white women.
10. Conservative black women.
11. Conservative black men.
12. Asian men & women.
13. Conservative white women.
14. Leftist white men.
15. Conservative white men.
16. Ex-Muslims.

What prompted me to change from a liberal socialist Democrat to an alternative-conservative:

Step 1, while still a leftist: Exposure to the ideas of Christopher Hitchens, a guy who spent much of his life questioning dominant paradigms. Eventually his basic human morality came at odds with the relativism of the left. So, he supported the war in Iraq & the Kurds, because he thought it was simply the moral thing to do, leftist peacenik politics be damned. He for his heresy, he was ejected from the 'polite society left.'

Step 2, while still a leftist: Exposure to intriguing info from Richard Dawkins (about memes), Daniel Dennett (how meme sets called religions are fully natural phenomena), and Steven Pinker (how humans are not 'blank slates.').

Step 3, viewing leftist Islamophilia and outright lies about Islam.
...but the UU position is fully illustrative of how the entire left acts, except for a few lonelies like Sam Harris.

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." incredible betrayal of the ideals of the Enlightenment which helped to found America.

Step 4, marrying a socially conservative atheist from China who has zero connection to the Bible, Quran, or Book of Mormon. Where does rural Chinese social conservatism come from? From human nature. From evolution. Evolved traits.

Hippie 'scientists' love the permissive traits, but they then fully discount ingrained natural conservative ones.

Dawkins wrote a book about how Darwin had a 'dangerous idea.' Dennett had one also, regarding religion being a natural phenomenon - a fact which cuts several ways. One way it cuts is that fully natural & sometimes highly useful evolved moral codes can be and are couched within religious contexts. Hard thing for an ex-Mormon with a chip on his shoulder to admit.

Step 5, after taking an Alice in Wonderland style social journey through much of what the left has to offer (eg: nudist clubs, polyamory clubs, gay bars & parties, general over-permissiveness & relativism) I came to conclude that the cultural left basically denies human evolutionary history and basic biology just as much as the right does, and probably more - because at least the cultural right f-ing breeds.

Step 6, observing what happened with Hebdo (cartoonists killed) & Garland (winning ex-Muslim cartoonist almost killed), and with Obama and the establishment left's basic lying about Islam, I finally started to check out 'the right.' Not the religious right, but rather the libertarian and intellectual right - as currently portrayed and represented by people who're here today.

Douglas Murray, essentially a gay neocon. Tells the truth about Islam. A questioner of dominant paradigms.

Mark Steyn, who occasionally subs for Rush Limbaugh -
Tells the truth about Islam & other topics. A questioner of dominant paradigms.

I already knew about Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Theo Van Gogh. But it's worth making note that Ayaan is hosted in America by the American Enterprise Institute. Which leftist organization has the back of Ayaan & people like her? None, and that's telling.

Bosch Fawstin, the ex-Muslim winner of the Draw Mohamed Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, the one where two Muslim people tried to kill people there. Bosch is an appreciator of Ayn Rand. The people who hosted the event also like Rand: Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.

Step 7, checking out more libertarian and conservative thought & news & views. For the first time ever opening myself up to the entirety of what's out there on the right. I was raised as a Democrat by a Democrat Mormon father. He loved Bill Clinton & Carter. He hated Reagan & Nixon. And I followed in his footsteps. But for the first time I stopped assuming that everything on the right was inherently bogus.

Step 8, finding Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative who sees high utilitarian value in Trump. Before encountering Milo I believed the basic establishment conservative (National Review) lie about Trump, that he's supposedly a shill for Hillary - a way to block other Republicans & to ensure that Hillary gets elected.

The interview that first swayed me to Trump's camp, between Milo & Dave Rubin:

Step 9, I allowed to fall away the last vestiges of being a leftist, by allowing myself to see high value in Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

The only reason Rush has a voice & is popular, is because most of the establishment media aren't acting like fair journalists.

Wouldn't it be good if everyone thought like 'the left?' Such a result does not allow for proper selection within human societies. Single party rule excludes healthy selection (selection as is in natural selection). And when journalists are essentially shills and tools & propagandists for everything leftist, they cease being journalists. This is why Rush is so popular, because he can spend 3 hours every day making note of example after example.

As for Fox News, I particularly enjoy Sean Hannity's program, and also his talk radio show.

Step 10, don't forget about Andrew Breitbart, a man who stated that Christopher Hitchens helped make him the man he became:

To actually see if our suppositions are correct, there's needs to be a cogent and coherent and powerful opposition. Not every idea that pops into the head of a 'childfree' blue haired third wave feminist lesbian will help humanity survive & thrive & be happy.

What is the 'alt right?'

Part 1: A response to the big-money big-bank crony-whore-rooted betrayal of people who're on the right.

Part 2: Former leftists who've had it with the slow motion suicide policies of the left, the anti-freedom, anti-science, anti-intellectual inquiry, lies, deceptions, Islamophilia, 'childfree' status worshiping, and cronyism on the left.

Cackling Hillary thinks the 'alt right' is, well, I don't know what she really thinks because she's got as many faces as Sybil. Her pandering politician side claims the 'alt right' is fully equal to the ideas of David Duke. And Bill Clinton thinks that the core of Trump supporters are 'red necks.' Either they don't know, or they're just trying to virtue signal to get votes.

No one ever hears about David Duke, until every 4 years Republicans must disavow him. But when shall leftists be required to disavow their outlier nuts?

The near entirely of Milo's channel is a great trove of info regarding why exactly intelligent young people, and some older ones, see high utilitarian value in overturning the apple cart of the crony left & the crony right - AKA electing Trump & doing other related tasks.

Bathing in pigs blood.

Showing up as Ivanna Wall (I wan't a wall) drag queen.

Stating exactly why 'feminism is cancer,' and why 'Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.'

What if some precepts in leftist doctrine are in fact incorrect & hurtful. When we claim that our beliefs are not falsifiable, we're in a religion.

Wife of Bill called Milo & Breitbart out for the above quoted headlines. But, the left appears to have no tolerance for a.) nuance, and b.) ironic comedy, and c.) actually bothering to check why a person would say such a thing, and d.) are the roots of such claims based in science?

Sloganeering, and sliming people who spout views which don't tow the leftist party line. That's what a religion does, and it's what the left & the Clintons do. The basket of deplorables. Argumentum ad hominem - in a bad way which is a fallacy.

As for the Clintons, they have plenty of self generated slime.

Only Breitbart recently & fully interviewed the victims of Bill:

Hannity did follow up more recently though:

Trump has honorably given these victims of Bill & Hillary a proper voice:

Milo's main concern, and mine, are that Wife of Bill will reduce key freedoms in America. Vanderbilt talking about this:

Who's got the back of gays in America, threatened with death by Muslims? The politicians who lie & claim that such attacks have nothing to do with Islam?

I know Sam Harris doesn't like Trump nor Milo. Harris is essentially a very lonely leftist, and he's also rather myopic. Sam wishes the left would be honest about Islam, but it won't be.

Nuance from Milo:

1. The achievements of feminism were generally good, but third wave feminism is evil & abusive.

2. The achievements of civil rights campaigners in the past were good. But now that all the victories have been one, the left still has the righteous desire to keep fighting. To do so they must invent new categories of groups which 'need rights.'

Hillary and her drones will never understand the above points though.

Islam generates ruin. When will Bernie & Obama be stating that fact?

The schemers scheme in their back rooms & think tanks. They use one face in public & another in private. They use 'virtue signaling' as a means of claiming to be a great crusader for 'social justice,' while really being vacuous plastic wastrels (and real rapists) in reality.

Trump doesn't do that, from what we can tell - and that's another reason why some highly appreciate his tone & value.

Journalism is dead. You have to pick your side. I decided to stop listening the side which sides with the Islamic death cult, and the side which loves slow motion suicide, and the side which has an abusive hierarchy of group-rights which puts people like me near the bottom. 'Native' Amercians would never be allowed to be invaded & destroyed in today's world. But 'Native' Europeans? No problem. And there's many other problems with group-rights hierarchies and identity politics.

I probably aspire to the conservatism Jonathan Haidt mentions, with more equal alliance to Care, Fairness, Liberty, Loyalty, Authority, and Sanctity. The Sanctity of life, not the Sanctity of sacred cows. Loyalty to the Enlightenment and Enlightenment principles. The Authority of the Rule of Law. Care, but not through the Dole because the Dole helps no one mostly. Fairness, but not 'social justice.' Fairness through a fairness of opportunity - but not opportunity at the cost of group rights hierarchies nor identity politics.

A further summary I wrote:

Back to Sam Harris: I think he's a poor quality scientist, a hack at philosophy, myopic on politics, a drug addled wannabe Buddhist-style guru, and a new vegetarian who's fully placed himself on the road to probable Parkinson's (Robin Williams RIP). And I disagree with Harris on circumcision:

The fact that Glenn Beck hates Trump, makes me want to vote for Trump.

The fact that the regressive left hates Trump, makes me want to vote for Trump.

The fact that the establishment right hates Trump, makes me want to vote for Trump.

The fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist and that his wife slimed Bill's victims, makes me want to vote for Trump.

Reference materials, perhaps a library near us:

Clinton Cash:

Clinton Cash Graphic Novel - now at the City library thanks to my suggesting that they buy it:
...the pay to play schemes of the Clintons makes me want to vote for Trump.

Hillary's health issues, makes me want to vote for Trump.

Milo speaking after the Orlando massacre:
...makes me want to vote for Trump.

The writings of Roger Stone
...prompt me to be inclined to vote for Trump.

Oh, and Asians rank lower than Mexicans and blacks on the hierarchy:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Old fart establishment Republicans are against Trump.

Old fart establishment Republicans are against Trump.

Trump wants to do populist trade changes which should make hipster Bern supporters happy.

The more establishment rightists which come out against Trump, the more I realize he must be in.

He's not an Xtian fundie.

He's not a slimy raping (murdering?) Clinton.

And he's got some good big foreign policy balls.

Plus the soldiers like him most. And for flipping once the people who defend America should be given deference on such matters.

Response received:
Q: Clinton is raping & worse?
Q: Trump has been accused of rape. What about that?
Q: Doesn't having big foreign policy balls mean we'll just nuke everyone?

My responses:
Yes the Clintons have raped, and probably worse.

Christopher Hitchens
on Hillary:


No one left to lie to, interviews:Charlie Rose:


And worse probable crimes of the Clinton crime family:

You know those tin pot hat righties who we all just chuckled about? Oh boo haa haa - Alex Jones, what a kook!

But, as OJ implied, if the gove fits, you must not aquit.

And Paul Joseph Watson is a mutch better representative of that section of the alt-right.

Hitch (on Iraq).

Milo Y.


Douglas Murray
It takes a Britisher to remind Americans about key unique American values worth honoring.

In any case regarding the Clintons: apply the same moral compass you use for all things leftist. All the things you obsess about, to your current party leaders.

Oh pith. What's a little rape? Well, that's just "natural."

She "stood by her..." raping husband.

"Stand by your raping husband...." to the tune of the song by Tammy Wynette, in a half drunk cornball country tone with a twang twang twang...

As for Trump:

ce upon a time, I was a lib-chump.

In 1998, I was more of a full-on one. A morbidly obese virgin with no children, living in his parent's basement.

--------------- quote of: September 21, 1998 letter sent to a nephew, quoting from a letter I sent to congress

The more people that do what Ms. Lewinsky & Clinton physically did with each other the better. While I agree that Clinton lying to his wife was probably bad - his responses are to be expected. Why? Because when you force humans into a puritanical culture where their natural inherent proclivities cannot be properly exercised, what else do you expect to happen?

--------------- end of quote of: September 21, 1998 letter sent to a nephew, quoting from a letter I sent to congress

...and the above naive and stupid statement I made back then shows how stupid I was.

Cheating in marriage destroys marriages & families, and ruins childrens' lives. So shaming for cheating is also natural, and that's the type of natural that should take precedence in such cases.

But by 2008, I had wised up a bit:

--------------- quote of the file: note for hillary clinton - may 16, 2008.txt

May 16, 2008

To the DNC from Jonathan Higbee.

Hillary Clinton has on her web site a petition about "counting the votes in Florida and Michigan." These attempts on her part to change the rules of the game are dishonest, unfair, conniving, and not helpful.

The "votes" in Florida and Michigan should >not< count in the primaries. Why? Because Obama promised not to campaign there & Hillary broke her promise. So the "votes" are tainted.

Do not give in to the unfair, conniving, and the end run type of approach Hillary is trying. Obama is the nominee. Period. Move on - and let's now win against McCain.


in Portland, Oregon

----------------------- end of quote of my message to the DNC

A further note for Ms. Clinton:

Your tactics in this campaign have been in the style of Karl Rove and George Bush, and they have been highly disturbing, corrosive, and racist.

Earlier in the race I could have gone either way between yourself & Obama. But your actions these past few months have fully convinced me that Obama is the most suitable President. I frankly feel that you've shown yourself to be unstable, and completely unsuited to the Presidency of my country.

Furthermore, the rose coloring of my proverbial glasses relative to yourself and your husband has now been lifted. When your husband was in office I supported him. Now I feel as if I were hoodwinked.

I know many republicans were disturbed by the actions of your husband when he was in the White House. In those days I supported him and yourself. But after what I've witnessed and learned about these past few months, I can now finally see why so many republicans were upset with you both. And I say this as a person who is politically a United Kingdom style Green.

You've now embraced the "politics of personal destruction" by being an advocate for it. In the past you and your husband rejected this type of politics, supposedly. Now it's your primary modus operandi. So it's sad to see this.

This is an honest message.


in Portland, Oregon

--------------- end of the file: note for Hillary Clinton - may 16, 2008.txt

Now, as a finally married man with kids, I've wised up even more. A man with a wife and kids naturally becomes more socially conservative. I have. That's "my journey." So why do journeys to slow motion suicide (eg: journeys to gayness AKA sexual orientation dysphoria, gay marriage AKA outlier flaky abusive not even a comparison to the real thing "marriage," transgenderism AKA gender dysphoria, abortion, being "childfree," and journeys to death cults like Islam) get to be the ones most honored by leftists, whereas journeys to social conservatism don't? Runs counter to their narrative.

Big balls: You know, like the microscopic ones of Obama compared to Putin. Crimea? Gone. Islamic State? Born & flourishing.

Nuking? I take the neocon view: We'll only nuke as a last resort, or if one of our cities gets nuked.

But the leftist rhetorical pouncing on the nuke option may show a not-so-hidden desire for them to do some nuking of their own: namely those who don't tow the leftist party line. "Hate speech" Crimes into differing categories based on "what was in the mind of the killer" - but such actions lend credence to though crime censorship via having "hate speech" laws and codes. And thus the entire concept of "hate" crime is corrosive to free speech. There's just crime. All crime is "hate crime." Camel nosing in the "mind of the killer" brings in a whole host of freedom-threatening problems.
Current leftist hate, hate, hate, freedom of speech & thought. They hate conservatives, family values, and anyone who tells them they're being abusive dickheads for being overly & abusively permissive & relativist. They hate narratives with run counter to their abusively permissive lines of thought.

The Clintons are playing everyone for fools. They know which SJW (social justice warrior) buttons to push. But such pushing no longer works for me.

The establishment Republicans who really want Hillary in, de facto, are showing that voting for Trump is even more important.

Is Trump playing everyone for fools? I don't think so.

Taking into account the totality of reactions from all parties, I find high utilitarian value in a Trump presidency.

What swayed me to Trump:

Milo's Y's interview with Dave Rubin:

His interview with Joe Rogan:

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