Saturday, July 20, 2019

U of U Health: Threatening Patients Who Complain

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My family has been de facto booted from the U of U Health System. Socialized medicine fully exemplified.

The U, has blocked me from posting on their Hospital related public Facebook page. They also very quickly sent me generalized letters of threat after I used their public employee directly to complain about poor treatment. Additionally, the midwives at the U pushed abortion onto mothers who show up tired to their first OB visits. And if you complain about that, you will also get a letter of threat from the U.

Jessica Howsden in customer service, is a traitor to any semblance of public service.

The U is a rogue state agency. Does the Governor really want an agency pushing abortion onto new mothers? Or is the governor just a virtue signalling milquetoast RINO? All talk. No action. While the U runs rough shot over the First Amendment, patient rights, patient safety, oh and promotes abortion too. An unaccountable bureaucracy.

More details:

My daughter, alive, no thanks to the midwives or Jessica Howsden at the U:

Generalized threat letter received back when we complained about the abortion promoting midwives at the U:

Because of the highly hostile, unaccountable, and abortion-promoting atmosphere at the U, we've taken our business elsewhere. Elsewhere from a state agency we are still forced to pay our taxes to.

Welcome to socialized medicine.


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