Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Darren Wilson interview - November 25, 2014

Darren Wilson interview...

Brown just before he met up with Wilson:

or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkOfqIXkBRE

A piss poor vehicle for the black community, and media whores like Al Sharpton, to glom onto.

Think about your average bully. Huge bully. Pushing people around. He even thinks he can push cops around, apparently.

Steals a $48 box of cigars, using his huge mass. Then interacts with Mr. Wilson the way he does. Ok, he didn't deserve to die, yes that's true, but he sure a F acted damn stupid!

Do massive bullies who fight with cops, punch them, and grab for their guns "deserve" to be shot? No. But they may well be anyway.

Very poor vehicle for "change." Change in the opposite direction...

Thugs Across America: on Ferguson (AKA Thugville) being destroyed

Thugs across America (to the tune of Hands Across America). Thugs across this land I love. Thugs everywhere, especially in and near Ferguson, Thugs across America...

Commentary on recent events:

Don't dress like a gansta and get all in the face of the self appointed Latino private community security.

Don't remove the orange end from a fake gun and then wave the now even more real looking fake gun around in a park.

Don't use your many layers of fat and muscle to steal some cigs and then use the same mass and strength to try and strong arm a gun away from a cop.

Walgreens, many other shops burning now in Thugville.

Thugs Across America


Additional views on the mayhem:

The right wing view of what's happening in Ferguson:

My view: I agree with Bill Maher that Mr. Brown Jr. was a thug. A strong-arm robber (as per convenience store video) who was well on his way to trouble with the police. The officer involved probably reasonably felt threatened, after tussling with Mr. Brown Jr. in his car.


The incident with Mr. Brown Jr. is a piss poor vehicle for the black community to latch onto for "justice" or much of anything else.

The strong arm robbery (meaning a robbery done using just mass & strength, being a HUGE guy who pushes people around such as the store clerk shown in the video) that happened just before Mr. Brown's interaction with the officer involved:

A piss poor vehicle for justice or anything. Yes it was sad that the huge thieving bully thug involved got killed, but he was a huge thieving bully thug who struggled with a police officer & so on.


And a more general root cause:

"Education is just so 'white!' You know, speaking proper English. Getting good grades. To do all dat just mean you actin' like whitey too much."

Oh, and on a related note, apparently medical science is just way too "white" for another group upset about what other humans did in the past.

Amerindian culture sacrifices an 11 year old child on the altar of revenge and hatred

Thugs Across America.

There's a problem with liberal self hate run amok.


p.s. Check out the newly released interview of Darren Wilson:
Darren Wilson interview - November 25, 2014