Friday, January 13, 2017

Bosch Fawstin: usually angry, sometimes valiant & sometimes petty

I have been a fan of Bosch Fawstin. The man is an ex-Muslim, and he's angry.

My impressions and opinions are that:

1. He's angry at being lied to when he was Muslim.

2. He's angry at his apparent disconnection from his still-Muslim family.

3. He's angry at the left's response to cartoons of Mohamed.

4. He's angry at Trump for not supporting the Garland, Texas Draw Mohamed Cartoon/Art contest.

On Facebook (FB) I was a follower of Mr. Fawstin for several months, and I occasionally made comments in response to his posts. Because of my appreciation for the work of Fawstin I actually considered voting for Cruz before Trump won the Republican primary nationally.

Fawstin has not forgiven Trump for being against drawing Mohamed. And with the election of Trump, Fawstin continued high reticence regarding Trump.

I've been more enthusiastic regarding Trump.

Fawstin makes public comments on his FB page, and he allows public comments in response. These are both settings FB users can choose to implement or not.

Today I found that Mr. Fawstin has little patience for comments which are too a.) pro-Trump, or b.) too thoughtful.

Thus, as with many people who leave traditional religion, they can & do readily take their thought-control tendencies with them. They can & do create de facto religions.

The man is a micromanager, and he doesn't appreciate small deviations from his own views, within 'his' public realm.

Fawstin wants people to support his 'work,' but then he's pretty hostile to people bothering to follow him on Facebook - hostile to his own 'fan base,' unless his fans tow his narrow preferred line.

On FB I've watched Fawstin throw other of his followers under the bus, more than once. And today was my turn.

Would I have been a customer of his for future art? Maybe. But I shall not be now - not after such treatment. And frankly, I much prefer the art people like Ben Garrison.

The man just wants a to have a: very-limited-scope, and very-myopic, mutual appreciation society. He will never forgive Trump for being against the Garland event. And by extension he does not tolerate those who both a.) supported Garland, and also b.) see high value to having Trump in office versus Hillary.

Bosch Fawstin is angry, and for good reason. But that anger also works against him.

So I'm unfollowing the man and shall not be sharing thoughts on his public pages.

Regarding my own history with religion, I have been angry. And for several years I became an ultra-leftist social justice warrior (SJW) in response. Now I'm in recovery from that whole experience, in recovery from recovery, and in recovery from the observed abuses of leftistism.

Jumping from ultra-right to ultra-left is no panacea.

The above thoughts would be far too much for Mr. Fawstin to absorb & appreciate (as per his responses today). He's got his own fish to fry & cartoons to draw. I won't be purchasing them, but others can I suppose. Yes I agree his actions at Garland were very valiant. But the man is, in my view, also letting anger destroy his life.

His own fans, such as they are, are sometimes treated very poorly by him. I think the way he treats people shows he's having a hard time living as a man who's mostly cut off from his family.

Yes I can see how that would be hard, but I've got my own life & family to care about now. And while I appreciate his work in general, I won't be following him any further.

Ultra-conservative Totalitarian religions like Islam do grind people down & destroy people. Maybe Mr. Fawstin shall be happier someday. Islam does suck. But not all religion is bad. The Amish for example are doing infinitely more good in the world than Islam. Not all meme sets are equal regarding negative & positive impacts.

End of my comments & opinions & perceptions about Mr. Fawstin for now - a public figure with a public blog and a public facebook page, with public comments he allows members of the public to comment on.

Today, I am grabbing life by the pussy. And I want my golden shower.

Today, I am grabbing life by the pussy. And I want my golden shower.

It's worth noting how & why these stories came to light (pussy grabbing, and golden showers):

DEFLECTIONS from the raping ways of Bill Clinton. Smoke, designed to defect from where the true problem lies.

"...they let you do it..." Hollywood starlets do use their bodies as a means of getting ahead. Trump was commenting on that state of affairs in what he thought was an off the record joking conversation.

Whereas, here's a list of women which didn't give consent to Bill:

As for Michelle Obama being teary eyed about mention of pussy grabbing, does rap music get her upset also? How about Pussy Control by Prince?

And what about Mrs. Slocombe's pussy?
...from the British comedy 'Are You Being Service?'

Does plastic hypocrite moron Michelle Obama get upset these? And does Bill & Hillary get her upset also - you know, Team Rape?

So, the smoke keeps blowing from the left, and the left continues to ignore the real crimes of Bill.

This singular highly useful man helped free me from the Cult of Clinton: - Christopher Hitchens.

I voted for Obama twice. I was a chump. My memories of Hitch and other still present people helped me wake up from that (Obama appreciation) stupid dream as well.

Thank the good parts of human nature, and the great legacy of the Enlightenment, that Trump won.

As for the Enlightenment values which founded America, Obama & the Clintons are no friends to those values.



Why it was good that Trump won:

So I'm all for grabbing life, by the generally consenting & happy pussy. And golden showers are fun for some. But these frolicking romps are a.) not crimes, and b.) they're nothing compared to the real crimes of Bill.

Don't let Democrat smoke distract from where the real crimes lie. And Bill's raping ways are just the tip of the Democrat/Clinton-crime pile (eg: pay to play racketeering, having an illegal home server w/classified info, and on and on).