Friday, September 12, 2014

Thomas Rowlandson's erotic engravings.

Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827), erotic engravings.


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the sexual, mostly positive, but sometimes negative, art of Mihály Zichy

The sexual, mostly positive, but sometimes negative (but honest), art of Mihály Zichy

Mihály Zichy (1827 to 1906).

Born in Hungary.

Drawings as in the book Liebe (the quality of love, pleasure, joy, favor, love).

Full title: Liebe. Vierzig Zeichnungen

A few of the drawings are a bit disturbing, in that they show the more deviant (justifiably-lockable-up) side of human sexual behavior. But there's healthy depictions in other drawings.

It's worth making note of the truth (and locking away the abusers when necessary). Celibate the good & healthy. Lock up the abusers though. His drawings show both sides.

Found a few copies of the book: